Induction grow lights vs plasma lighting for indoor growing

Published Mar 1, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET

While your old school LED or fluorescent grow lights might seem to do the trick, the truth is there are far more superior alternatives to choose from. New grow light technology is advancing at a rapid pace with induction grow lights and plasma grow lights now being the best and most expensive lighting choices for indoor growing. Induction grow lights have been around for quite a while and tend to be more widely available, but plasma grow lights are worth going out of your way for. So, what’s the difference?

Induction grow lights

Induction grow lights use bulbs that do not rely on filaments and instead will use induction to power themselves. This makes them more powerful than an HPS, LED, or LCD light and last longer as well since they won't burn out from use. Induction grow lights are designed to mimic fluorescent bulbs while producing a slightly broader spectrum of light.

Average cost: $1000


  • Bulbs last longer
  • Fixtures come in a wide range of sizes
  • Broader spectrum than LED produces
  • Large area coverage


  • Expensive
  • Use a lot of power
  • Yield is similar to that of an LCD or fluorescent light

Plasma grow lights

Plasma grow lights harness the same new grow light technology as induction lights, they’ll also last years before needing to be replaced. What is different is that a plasma grow light also utilizes sulfur plasma, and microwave radiation to produce light. These lights will appear a bright green instead of the traditional white.

Average cost: $2500


  • Produces a beautiful bright light
  • Uses slightly less power than an induction light
  • Plasma grow light fixtures appear incredibly professional


  • Missing essential portions of the light spectrum marijuana plants require to thrive
  • Expensive
  • Can cause electromagnetic interference potentially alerting neighbors and strangers to your grow operation.

Induction grow lights vs plasma grow lights

New grow light technology has certainly improved a grower’s ability to produce a crop worthy of celebration. Unfortunately, new doesn’t always mean better. Overall plasma lighting for indoor growing is incredibly inefficient in every way. From power consumption to its overall effectiveness and the fixtures themselves are expensive that it’s just not worth the investment. Induction lights have been around for a while for a reason. The bulbs used in induction lights put off the broadest spectrum of light while also being more affordable to run, purchase, and install. Making it the better choice for both professional and small-scale marijuana growers.When it comes down to deciding between one of the other induction lights win every step of the way.

Where to buy induction grow lights

While there are several different options from your local hardware store to online, here you will find a list of induction grow light kids with different wattage. Every kit listed will come with one fixture, one bulb, and one strap to hang it. An induction grow bulb will last for an average of 10 000 hours before it needs to be replaced so keeping a spare on hand isn’t necessary.

1. Fusion Bright 200-Watt Commercial Induction Grow Kit
Cost: $399.99

Link to purchase:

2. Fusion Bright 250-Watt Commercial Induction Grow Kit
Cost: $469.99

Link to purchase:

3. Fusion Bright 300-Watt Commercial Induction Grow Kit
Cost: $519.99

Link to purchase:


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