How to use bat guano as fertilizer for cannabis crops

Published Feb 21, 2019 12:57 p.m. ET
What is bat guano? No other way to say it besides this, it's bat excrement that has built up on the bottom of a cave floor. 

What is bat guano? No other way to say it besides this, it's bat excrement that has built up on the bottom of a cave floor.

Is bat guano good for cannabis?

When looking for a super-food for plants, you need to use something that has all 3 essential nutrients. These three nutrients will be good for your plants. The three essential plant nutrients we will discuss are: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Luckily, bat guano has all three.

Nitrogen- during vegetative cycle nitrogen promotes vigorous growth
Potassium- encourages sturdy branches and trunks
Phosphorus-necessary for root-growth and healthy flowers

Accompanying these nutrients are a range of micro-nutrients that support overall health and development to the plant.

Not all guano is the same, depending on what the bat’s diet consisted of will alter the profile. High nitrogen content indicates a diet of insects. This is the fertilizer for the vegetative cycle. For use in the flowering phase, we look for the diet to be fruit and producing high phosphorus content.

How to use bat guano for weed

Let me say that guano is one of the cannabis plant’s best friends. If its organic you want (and who doesn’t these days), this is a great soil amendment. If you’re wondering how to use bat guano as fertilizer, here are a few ways to utilize the bat poop, ok guano. You could dig it in around the plant, or you can add it to your watering regime as a form of tea.

Unlike most nutrients, bat guano will not burn your plants. The flavor of the buds when dry will be enhanced. Guano is also utilized as protection from diseases.

Guano is going to be the staple ingredient to your soil mixture. You will also use the following, bone meal chicken manure and rock dust. Mix all together for a perfect food for your plants.

If you prefer the tea method of using guano, I suggest approximately one and a half tablespoons to a liter container of water. Make sure you don’t kill the microorganisms by using hot water. Keep in on the warm side. Stir and leave you tea to brew overnight. Now you have tea ready to be fed to your plants.

Perhaps you need to correct the soil that you have. Guano will help with that; you will dig it in the soils directly and give it a good dose of water.

Benefits of Bat Guano

Let's talk about some of the benefits you provide to your plants when using guano:

• Guano is capable of aiding to flush out toxins from the soil and protect the roots of any affected plant. This while guano is continuing to feed the plant.
• Used as a dilute spray, guano can assist in the protection of fungus.
• Guano is perfect for improving the soil texture. It will bind when the soil is too loose, and on the other side, it will loosen soil if it is too dense. This will also assist with the penetration of the water more efficiently


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