How to grow a small marijuana plant in your room

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:34 p.m. ET

 Growing high quality cannabis can prove challenging even with the best tools available, including temperature controls, special lighting, and grow tents. However, it is just as possible to produce a high-quality little weed plant with minimal investment as far as time and money are concerned. You must start with a few specific materials to give yourself the best chance of producing a potent product with the largest yield possible on a shelf in your bedroom.

What you will need

Successfully growing a marijuana plant in your room will require a few things.

  1. Light- Sunlight can be provided through a window or a purchased fixture but should be direct for at least 6+ hours a day for the best results.
  2. Environment- To provide your plant with the optimal climate in which to thrive you will need to ensure a humidity level of around 30% which can easily be done with a humidifier, and a room temperature of between 24-26 degrees Celsius.
  3. Soil- A dense mineral soil that is specifically designed with a weed plant in mind is always best, but any that is safe for veggie plants will be safe to use when planting cannabis. Nutrient-rich soil is essential and will provide the most nutrients possible to your plant with the least amount of effort from you. Pre-Fertilized soil is the gentlest way to fertilize your plant.
  4. Genetics- The genetics are the most important part of the equation.      Certain strains will do better under different conditions than others. It is always best to choose a strain that suits your growing zone, even when growing indoors as that way the plant will be easiest to maintain with the environment you already have.
  5. Clone or seed- When growing indoors, the overall size of the plant is a huge factor. Not everyone has the space to house a giant tree-like plant and even most of those who do don’t want to. There are some strains available that are known for their lower height when growing. Clones offer not only the benefit of a smaller size but also the bonus of a sturdier, bushier and hardier plant. If you are growing in your bedroom, then a mini marijuana plant will likely suit you best which is what a clone will provide.
  6. Room to grow- An indoor cannabis plant will have an extensive rooting system that will need space to breathe to form and function at optimal levels. To give roots enough room to spread out you will need a minimum of a two-gallon pot to finish in. This will allow for the roots to gather water and much-needed      oxygen with ease.

You may not be able to grow an entire field in your room, but even with the most basic tools on hand, you can produce some high-quality potent buds with little to no effort beyond what any regular houseplant would require. The only drawback to growing indoors is the lack of air movement and humidity being a prime environment for mold and the notorious pot smell. A window mounted air exchange unit can be purchased for $20 on Amazon, and a fan can also help to keep bacteria at bay. The scent is a bit more difficult but can be masked with air filters, incense and controlled by filtering the stinky air outdoors through an air exchange system and keeping the door closed. Growing your cannabis plant indoors can be so much easier than it’s made out to be. Though a fancy set up may garner a higher yield, growing indoors like this is perfect for anyone looking to make just enough for some free bud to cover personal use without sacrificing an entire room to do it in.

Happy Growing!



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