How to grow a photogenic cannabis plant

Published Jul 4, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Marijuana plant photography is trending now that the plant is such a hot topic all around the globe. It can be a really fun hobby or a serious career, but either way, it’s an enjoyable task that takes a keen eye for detail. Of course, getting the best picture possible is only half of the battle, because, without the ideal photogenic subject, skills alone won’t get you anywhere. That is why so many are learning how to grow marijuana.

There will always be prized plants on display in some place or another, but the moments that these showcases are available are short and fleeting. So, if you want a subject that you can take snapshots of when the mood strikes rather than waiting around for the phone to ring, then you’ll need to start growing marijuana. The only problem is that growing a photogenic marijuana plant takes work, time, dedication, and patience.

A process will need to be followed. One that includes checking off various boxes as you provide the very best care possible for your plant, but once it’s all said and done, the results are more than worth it. If you think you’re up for the task, and you’re ready to get started, then this handy list of easy step-by-step instructions might be all that you need to succeed.

1. Pick the right strain

If your goal is to cultivate the most photo-ready cannabis plant, then you’ll need to start right, and the very first step is choosing a strain. The one that you pick will have a significant influence over how your marijuana plant will ultimately look when it’s finished, so it is important to select one that fits the bill for perfection. Do you want short and bushy or tall and thin? How about a generic traditional cannabis green versus something with a slight tinge of blue or purple? If you want a pretty plant, you’ll need to start with a pretty strain that is known for maturing into a photogenic masterpiece.

2. Appropriate light exposure

One of the main reasons for dull-colored leaves on a marijuana plant is a lack of sufficient lighting because the nutrients from the sun offer a variety of nutrients that will help to keep it healthy. Of course, some cannabis strains are naturally dark; faded and malnourished leaves won’t make for a very good picture. This is why it’s so important to ensure that your plants have sufficient lighting for their current stage of life. Using the right kinds of lights is also important, so make sure to do some research before settling on a grow light to feed your future photo prop.

3. Offer plenty of nutrients

If you want to grow a marijuana plant that will truly pop in front of a lens, you’ll need to feed it a fair amount of nutrients. Cannabis, just like most vegetables, thrives best in all-natural nutrient boosters, such as compost or super soil. These are the best choices out there if you plan to smoke your harvest once you’re finished taking pictures, but if you don’t, there are several unnatural color boosters on the market, that can help to add bright, vibrant colors to the leaves and buds. Without at least some vitamins, the leaves will slowly wilt and turn yellow, and that isn’t any good for a photo op.

4. Avoid crowding

Growing marijuana that is worthy of being captured on camera is going to take some space, so it’s best to dedicate your time to only one or two plants because crowding can cause all sorts of issues. It can block out the essential light to the lower leaves, killing them off, and it will keep the branches from reaching out and stretching to their fullest potential. So even if you’re growing small cannabis plants, make sure that they have breathing room, or you’ll risk dried, yellowed, and wilted leaves that don’t offer a lot for photo opportunities.

5. Study trimming techniques

Once you’ve done all that you can by providing light, nutrients, space, and love, all that’s left to do is prepare the marijuana plant for the big stage. At this point, even the most experienced cultivators will see a few leaves here and there that they don’t want to be included in pictures, if you take a look online, you’ll find some spectacular trimming techniques that will help to do things like getting rid of the dead, angle the leaves in an appealing way and expose the buds so that they’re revealed for all to see, which is basically everything that you need to capture the perfect cannabis image.

Whether you’re a skilled cannabis photographer or just a proud grower who wants to show off their skills, this list of tips and tricks should be just what you need to get the most spectacular bud shots.

What you should if youre interested in cannabis plant photography


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