How to grow a marijuana plant in water beads

Published Aug 27, 2019 12:09 p.m. ET
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The weed plant is a beautiful thing, and not everyone is trying to grow the biggest or ‘baddest’ bush on the block. If you have an appreciation for the natural aesthetics that nature provides in the cannabis plant as decor, then this tabletop and windowsill friendly option might be just what you need to get started.

Step one: Germinating

Though water beads can make an excellent growing medium for some plants, they aren’t the greatest for the process of germinating, as water draws in the cooler temperatures, which can keep things just cold enough to keep your weed seeds from sprouting. Therefore, it is recommended to begin with a simple method that is guaranteed to provide excellent results.

You will need:

·         Pot seeds

·         Paper towel (bleach-free)

·         Water

·         Plastic baggie


1. Place one paper towel down and fold it in half on a clean surface then place a few weed seeds evenly spaced apart across it. Be sure to keep away from the edges, so if need be, use multiple towels.

2. Sprinkle small amounts of warm (not hot) water over the paper towel, which will help to hold the folded portion in place over the top of the cannabis seeds.

3. If there are multiple paper towels, then place each one into different Ziploc bags to form an essential layer of protection that will help to keep the moisture in.

4. Place the bags in a warm space for a few days, as you wait for the marijuana plant seeds to open. At this stage, light is not necessary, but the moment that the pot leaves make an appearance that changes. While you wait, you may have to add more moisture to the bags, so be sure to monitor them closely.

5. Once the seedlings have sprouted and reached a few inches long, you will start to notice leaves begin to spread open. It may only be 1 or 2 at first, but this is a good sign and the point where the seedlings should be provided with more substantial amounts of light.

6. When your marijuana plant finally gets it’s third or fourth leaves, it is a good time to plant them.


Step two: Planting the marijuana plant seedling

Keeping a close eye on your weed plant babies is essential, as most water beads will need to be prepared at least 8 hours in advance of planting. To do this, you will need a few things on hand, including:

·         Sprouted seedlings

·         Water beads

·         Vase (or another display container)


1. 8 hours in advance of planting you will need to add water to your beads if they don’t come prefilled. To do this, dump the beads into a large container and fill it halfway with water.

2. Once the beads are ready to go, scoop them out of the container and place them into a fancy vase or dish. Just remember, that your weed plant requires an extensive root system in order to thrive, so the more room, the better.

3. Make an indent in the center of the vase and gently plant the marijuana plant, just as you would in soil; By covering the base with a layer of growing medium, that is heavy enough to hold it into place.

Step three: Maintaining a marijuana plant that is growing in water beads

The best part about growing cannabis using water beads is that it takes almost no maintenance as they are self-feeding. You may, however, still want to research some water-based nutrients to use, in case you run into problems with the plants reaching full maturity.

This method might not get you massive yields, but it can help anyone that is just learning how to grow weed with understanding the process and reveling in the beauty that is the marijuana plant.

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