How to get more trichomes on your plants

Published Feb 21, 2019 12:56 p.m. ET

Have you seen those crystals that cover your buds and leaves? Those are the trichomes; they produce the shiny appearance and the strong aroma of marijuana. If you want to get technical, the trichomes could be explained as the fine appendages on the plant, the tiny hairs. The real explanation may be in explaining that they are the factories of the plant. Their job is to produce the cannabinoids and terpenes that make our strains potent and unique.

Trichomes have several duties; they are used to catch prey on some plants. They are used as a defense mechanism. Female plants often fall prey to insects and animals that will destroy the plant. The bitter taste of the trichomes will deter the animals or insects from destroying the plant. The strong bitter taste and strong aromas will act as a deterrent.

Here are the three types of trichomes that are commonly found on the cannabis plant:

  1. Capitate sessile trichomes: The head and the stalk are part of this larger trichome. They are more abundant than the following Bulbous trichome
  2. Bulbous trichome: they trichomes represent the smallest, and they appear on the entire cannabis plant
  3. Capitate-stalked trichomes: you can see these trichomes by the naked eye, unlike the previous trichomes, these are the epicenter for the synthesis of cannabinoid and terpene.

The Capitate-staled trichome produces the highest concentration of the essential oils.

The maturity of these trichomes is observed by the changing opacity of the trichome. It will change from the opaque color to cloudy trichomes and later will take on an amber hue. This transition in color will indicate the ripeness of the plant. This will be the visual sign for harvest. All plants will show their maturation. Differently, the standard remains in the observation of the changing of colors to represent the time for harvesting the wonderful plant.

If you want to ensure a bumper trichome crop, there are a few procedures that will enhance the trichomes on your plant:

• Monitor the amount of light. Cannabis plants create more trichomes to protect itself from damaging ultra-violet rays. If you supplement UV-B lights, you will increase the production of trichomes
• Nutrient additives will aid in the production of the trichomes also. Terpene enhancers will trigger the plant's defense system. Using a trichome booster will increase the production of essential oils
• Potassium silicate is used to provide a stronger resistance to pathogens; it will boost the resilience of the plant's flowers and trichomes. The finished product will be more potent and perhaps have a longer shelf life with the addition of potassium silicate.

The use of terpenoid enhancement products during the flowering stage of the growth of your cannabis plant can boost the production of trichomes in the plant. This application should enhance the potency of the particular strain of cannabis that they treat.

Trichomes are a valuable part of the cannabis plant. Learning more about the wonderful attributes that these entities provide can only increase our appreciation for the magnificent plant we call cannabis. Take your tome look at the function of your trichomes and respect.


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