How to germinate weed seeds

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:36 p.m. ET

 One of the first most important things you need to know about how to sprout weed seeds is that they all require three things. Moisture, darkness, and warmth. Light is not a requirement in the germinating stage and will not need to be introduced at all until the seeds have been planted. Germinating seeds is easier and less technical than it sounds. What’s important is providing the seed with the optimal conditions to give it the best possible shot at sprouting and becoming a healthy plant. It doesn’t require any special equipment and can likely be done with materials you already have sitting at home. Here we will show you two different methods of germinating cannabis seeds.

  1. The Paper towel method

The most widely used by far is the paper towel method. This one will require only four things.

  • Water
  • 2 large sheets of paper towel
  • Seeds
  • 1 large zip lock baggie


Step 1 - Line 1 side of the zip lock baggie with one sheet of paper towel. Use room temperature or lukewarm water to dampen the paper towel

Step 2 - Place seeds with a spacing of at least 1 inch apart evenly across the paper towel

Step 3 - Place the second sheet of paper towel over the top of the seeds, flush with the first

Step 4 - Use room temperature to generously moisten the second layer and lift the bag by the corner, so it naturally closes, but do not seal it

Step 5 - Place in a warm dark spot. It can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days for all the seeds that will sprout to emerge

Step 6 - Once the sprouts are visible, they are ready to be planted

2. The water method

While this one may not be the most popular, it does offer an overall success rate higher than the paper towel method, and some find it easier to separate the sprouts since there is no paper towel to worry about damaging the roots. All that’s required for this one is a glass or jar of lukewarm water and the seeds you are germinating.

Step 1- Fill a glass or jar with lukewarm water. Not hot, too much heat will damage the seeds, you do not want to boil them.

Step 2 - Add seeds to the water

Step 3 - Store in a warm dark place for two days

Step 4 - It shouldn’t take any longer for the seeds to germinate then 48 hours

Step 5 - Once sprouts are visible, they are ready to plant

How to plant cannabis sprouts

Just like germinating there are many methods of growing and planting. However, the easiest way to plant a sprout is directly into a nice, soft, nutrient-rich soil. If growing indoors, you will need two-gallon pots. One per plant is recommended. If you are growing outdoors, then you need even less. Sprouts can be planted directly into a garden that has been well prepared. You want to ensure the area is tilled and has the best soil you have access to generously mixed in. If using liquid fertilizer always remember to add it to the soil surrounding the plants being extra careful to not pour it directly on the leaves. If fertilizer comes into direct contact with an adult marijuana plant, it will burn it. For a brand-new sprout, that sort of treatment is a death sentence.


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