How far you should place your lights away from your cannabis plants

Published Aug 14, 2019 10:29 a.m. ET
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Perhaps you live in an area in Canada where it is not possible to grow your legal four cannabis plants outside. In this case, you will have to use a marijuana grow tent with the aid of grow lights to grow cannabis. Grow lights can be your indoor sunlight, part of your cannabis plants food or diet, and without the proper light, your growing cannabis adventure will fail to produce a high yield or potent full-bodied buds.

Marijuana Grow lights generally fall into three major categories

1.     High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights

2.     Fluorescent Grow Lights

3.     LED Grow Lights

High-Intensity Discharge lights are more efficient than growing cannabis with fluorescent lights. The oddly-shaped bulbs reflect the light from a hood to shine more reflective light onto your plants. The bulbs include High-pressure sodium bulbs, Ceramic Metal Halide aka LEC and Metal Halide bulbs. A drawback and consideration when using these types of marijuana grow lights include temperature issues. These lights get extremely hot and often need the intervention of exhaust fans to help in venting out the heat that is created. HID grow lights are simple to use. The hanging of the lights is a standard measurement. The size and wattage of the bulb are part of the equation. As with all marijuana grow lights, do the universal hand check by placing your hand where your plants are. If after thirty seconds, your hand feels hot, move the lights higher. Continue to monitor your plants and raise your lights accordingly. A general rule of thumb is to hang lights at least twelve inches away from your plant at all times. The stronger the light is will require you to hang the lights at fifteen inches above the plant at least.

LED Grow Lights provide powerful results if they are used correctly. The LED lights take more practice at getting the correct distance to hang your lights. Unlike other marijuana grow lights, the range is not a standard measurement. Many things can pertain to the distance for the lights to be away from your cannabis plants. The model and the manufacturer play an essential part in the placing of LED marijuana grow lights. The fact of low or little heat felt from these lights does not mean you need not worry about giving a light burn to your plants. Placing your LED marijuana grow lights in the optimum place can take a couple of weeks to achieve but will prevent sunburn from affecting your plants.

Fluorescent Grow Lights provide a safe type of light exposure; you can not provide an excess of light; the concern here will be in heat transfer. The lights here need to be kept close to the plants. The advice here is to use the hand test for checking the degree of heat the plants are receiving and adjust accordingly. The best results will be from adjusting the lights daily, making sure the plants do not grow into the lights.

Remember that Incandescent light bulbs, the ones in the reading lamp, are not going to do the job.

If you want to have more assurance into the correct distance for your grow light’s you may want to use the help of a Lux Meter. Using this device will measure the amount of light your cannabis plants are receiving. A Lux Meter may not be the best method of measuring the light for your plants; however, for indoor cannabis growing, it works well.

Take your time, follow instructions from manufacturers, and stand-by to reap the budding benefits from your indoor growing lights assistance.  


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