Here’s how to prevent deformed marijuana leaves

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:28 p.m. ET

Marijuana leaves curling down?

 What is it that makes the leaves on your plant curl? The term “clawing” is used to describe this phenomenon. It’s a common problem among plant growers, whether using inside or outside cultivation methods.

Situations to look out for

Windburn from a fan can create curled or clawed leaves. The leaves furthest from the fan will usually be untouched by the clawing.

Root problems that are caused by over-watering can also cause marijuana leaves curling down. Another root problem that is directed towards hydro phonic harvesting is triggered by heat and the lack of bubbles close to the root.

Sunburn can occur from grow lights, these leaves will display curl on the ends of the yellow leaves that are closest to the lights.

Not to be forgotten is nitrogen toxicity, in plain words that is too much nitrogen. It could also be from using a negative nutrient while the plant is in the flowering stage. The leaves will appear dark green.

Weed leaves curling up

Watering is also a possible cause of deformed marijuana leaves. Over-watering the leaves become fat and turn down. If heat is part of the problem involved in the process, the leaves will turn up and curl. Under-watering the plants appear the same as over watering but soon perk up when given water.

Bad soil is another enemy of the plant producing curled leaves.

Bugs and pest are an equal player in the formation of curled leaves on the plant. Russet mites live inside the plant and are hard to see; They will have the plants leaves curled and appearing wet.

Deformed marijuana leaves

The tiny flies buzzing around the dirt of your plan are fungus gnats. A few are no problem, but if there is an infestation then the probability of root rot is high, and curled leaves will follow.

Don’t stress however there is an easy fix.Slow down with the nitrogen especially in the flowering stage. Be careful when using time released nutrients. They will release the nutrients at the wrong time possibly causing the toxicity problems.

Burning from the heat or light source is another easy fix, just move plants further away from the light. This fix can work with the wind burn problem also. Just move your fan to a more desired spot. These problems are mainly with hydroponic or indoor grown plants although they can occur with the natural outdoor plants. Check the soil before and during the growing process, check that the soil is draining well and not causing mud patches. If it seems that the soil is the issue causing curled leaves it can be fixed easily by adding drainage to the soil that you are using.

If your plants are producing leaves that are curling, you will have to dig deeper. Curled leaves are just the symptom of a problem for your plants. Act quickly in diagnosing what the problem is. The healthier your plant, the healthier the final product will be. Healthy plants need your care and for you to observe quickly any issues that might arise.

Grow healthy plants and enjoy your harvest!  


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