Guide to trimming and pruning marijuana plants

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:35 p.m. ET

 Pruning and trimming go hand in hand when we’re talking about marijuana.  Good pruning will produce plenty to trim. Apical, Lollypop, Fim, and LST are all methods of pruning.

Higher yield and potency are the rewards for correctly pruning your plants. It's worth mentioning that until you know what your doing, don’t do it. In fact, there are some experienced growers even that prefer to leave it to mother nature.

So how would you define pruning? A good comparison would be removing dead skin from our bodies: a healthy stronger body, no dead weight. The same thing goes with the plant. The result to achieve is a stronger healthier plant. Read below, pick one of the styles mentioned and try it yourself.

How to trim marijuana plants

The removal of dead leaves on the plant is a normal occurrence. You will need to remove them, allowing the plant's energy to concentrate on the living not the dead.

Remember to use sharp scissors or knife when pruning. Do it swiftly, but gently this should help the plant not go into shock.

Perhaps I should stress how important it is that your equipment is top notch. Don’t be using blunt scissors or whatever you are using to cut the plant. The retail market is bountiful if you want to purchase electric shears or handheld scissors. It really is what you feel comfortable with. Just remember to keep them sharp.

Time to start pruning

Let's talk about the best time to start pruning. When you notice a bush shape appearing you are free to go ahead and prune. There should be no pruning during flowering. This can influence your final yield along the with the plant being fooled to go back to its vegetative state, not what we want.

Let's go ahead and get rid of the dying leaves, we will also remove the low-down branches that are unproductive just get rid of them. Now remove the big branches first don’t worry it won't hurt your yield. Removal of the ones growing in the middle of the plant are the ones you want to get rid of. Now work on areas that don’t get the sun, mostly on the bottom of the plant. Give your plant a break it needs rest time, give it a couple of days in between pruning. When you notice new leaves sprouting remove the shade leaves.

We need to address toping, removal of the meristem early on will produce a bigger yield by doubling the growing shoots. Don’t forget to use your sharp instrument. Always top during the growing phase and stop the latest at the start of the flowering phase, very important.

How to clip marijuana plants

Now we have our bud. We need to clip it, there are two methods, wet or dry. The only difference is one is clipped fresh, and the other is dried first, it’s your choice.

Sharp scissors or electric trimmers are necessary. Remember it’s a fragile plant.  We need to preserve what we trim off the bud; The sugar leaves are in the bud, they are so short the stems are not visible. We can use this trim for delicious goodies later, it's like a bonus. Have fun and enjoy when the time comes to reap the benefits of your work.


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