Fixing marijuana plant stems that have broken or bent

Published Feb 21, 2019 12:54 p.m. ET

It happens to the best of us when growing marijuana. A plant gets brushed the wrong way or falls somehow, and your cannabis plant suddenly looks defeated and severely damaged. Luckily, there is still hope for reviving all your hard work with a few handy tips and tricks up your sleeve for treating wounded plants. That doesn’t mean that any plant can be restored as some damage there is just no coming back from, but it will give you a better shot at nursing your marijuana plant back to a thriving condition. It’s important to remember that cannabis is an incredibly durable species that doesn’t go down without a fight.

How to fix a marijuana plant with a detached or broken stem

Broken stems can be fatal to a plant if left untreated and are most often caused by rough movements or training during the flowering period. Detached stems are most often from the plant being dropped or jostled too much and are an immediate death sentence if not tended to as soon as possible. Fixing a detached or broken cannabis plant stem is entirely possible with just a handful of tools and a little patience.


  • 1 roll of plant repair tape, electrical tape, or duct tape
  • 1 toothpick or small stick


  1. If the stem on your marijuana plant is broken, you will need to push the tips together to allow the plant the ability to fuse itself back together.
  2. Place your stick or toothpick as a shunt that will hold the stem straight and add strength.
  3. While you hold it pressed against the stem, you can wrap it using the tape to keep it in place. Remember to keep the tape tightly wound as the pressure will help with healing.
  4. Once you feel confident in the strength of the repair, you can cut the tape and check its stability.
  5. Let the plant heal while wrapped for two full weeks. Now you can check on the healing of the plant. If it has a lot of damage including a complete stem detachment, then the tape may need to remain on the plant for four or five weeks before it can be safely removed.

How to fix a marijuana plant with a split stem

Split stems can be difficult to heal if they aren’t noticed in less than 24 hours after they occur. Within a mere three hours, a marijuana plant stem will already begin to die off from the inside making fusion much less likely. Luckily there isn’t much that is needed in this case, the biggest problem going forward for some growers will be that the tape should never be removed and will likely remain for the entirety of the plant’s life.


  • 1 water mister bottle
  • 1 roll of tape (electrical, duct, or plant badge)
  • 2 cotton swabs


  1. Give the plant a heavy spray focusing on the incision on the stem. The goal is to get some of the water to soften the inner stem material to make fusion more likely.
  2. Once you have sprayed your cannabis plant, you can take a cotton swab and dry the outer areas surrounding the split. This step is necessary, or the tape may not stick well enough to hold.
  3. Now you can cut a section of tape to wrap the stem several times and begin just before one end of the split and work your way towards the other winding the tape as tightly as you can.
  4. Split stem bandages are often permanent as removing them too early can cause more damage than it’s worth. If you don’t want that to happen, then you should wait at least four weeks before attempting to remove the tape.

How to fix a marijuana plant with a bent stem

Bent stems are generally located higher up on a plant and tend to require a more substantial support system to keep it raised. While at first, a bent stem may not seem too bad of a prognosis, if the plant is particularly young or if it holds a forming cola above the bend, that portion could die off from a lack of nutrients flowing to the leaves. To fix a bent marijuana plant stem, you will need to find a supportive structure that reaches high enough to rest its weight on while aligning well with the stem itself.


  • 1 roll of tape (electrical, plant, or duct tape)
  • 1 supporting structure


  1. Stand the supportive structure beside the plant and press it into the dirt to hold it in place.
  2. Wrap several rounds of tape around the stem and the support to keep both stable and strong.
  3. Leave the bandage for two full weeks before removing the tape. A bend will heal within that time and should be able to support itself once again.

How to heal a marijuana leaf

Unfortunately, there is no simple treatment for repairing damaged cannabis plant leaves. The most common reason for marijuana leaf lesions is nutrient deficiencies, so usually, the only way to truly fix a problem associated with the leaves is to heal them from the inside using a rigorous nutrient schedule.


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