Cool gardening tools and accessories that make growing easier

Published Apr 22, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Once you’ve got the canna basics down, you’ll be able to grow a plant from beginning to end with few to no problems, but this hobby is hard work, especially if you’re short on time or struggling with physical limitations. Luckily this list of useful gardening tools can help by creating a more comfortable, less demanding structure so that you can enjoy the ride to the fullest.

1. Self-watering planter

This isn’t a long-term solution if you’re someone who travels great distances, as a few days' worth of water won’t replace a plant sitter, but it can reduce the number of times you have to pull out a hose or cart around a watering can each week. They aren’t for those who are dedicated to maintaining a ground-based garden, but they can make the job of caring for plants much easier for everyone else.

2. Full-length weeder

Pulling weeds is an essential part of maintaining any garden, and it’s a pain in the back quite literally, forcing you to bend all the way down resting all of your weight on your knees while you pull with all you’ve got. Luckily, there’s a much easier way with a 36-inch weeder. With this gardening tool at your side, you’ll never have to put your back or hips out again just to remove an irritating weed.

3. Fold-up garden stool

Sometimes you have no choice but to get your knees dirty, but there are plenty of times when your energy would be just as efficiently spent in a sitting position, and that’s where this fold-up garden stool comes in. Kind of like a camping chair, only smaller, lighter, and designed specifically to work within thin rows of plants.

4. Potting bench

This should be on your must-have gardening supplies list if you enjoy spending large amounts of time watching your crops thrive. It can act as a workspace, with plenty of room to create a makeshift outdoor office or tool stand, and with a comfortable seat ready and waiting, you’ll never need another piece of garden furniture. Be it for storage, comfort or organization, most avid cultivators would love this addition and its many features.

5. Knee pads

We’ve already mentioned a few circumstances in which it’s possible for gardeners to avoid this uncomfortable position, but sometimes it’s necessary to get the job done, and it’s on those occasions that having a high-quality pair of knee pads will be a lifesaver. Spring for memory foam and lavish those bones in the feeling of luxury while picking away at your gardening chores.

6. Watering wand


Water cans can work for small gardens, but when it comes to larger areas or those nasty dry spells, it takes a lot more h20 than any one human should have to carry to keep those growing cannabis plants hydrated and that’s where this handy dandy watering wand comes in. Normal hose attachments allow for high amounts of pressure that could be damaging to your crop, and they don’t have a widespread. Watering wands, on the other hand, make it easy to control water pressure, and they’re designed specifically to cover the most square footage with as little movement as possible.

7. Garden knife

A Japanese Hori garden knife might just be one of the best gardening supplies you’ll ever buy, as they’re invaluable tools for growers of all kinds. With a ruler etched on the side, it can be used to take measurements, and the steel blade is great for all kinds of jobs, like tracing planting gauges, cutting sod, transplanting, or dividing plants with tangled roots.

8. Clogs

Avid gardeners know that when it rains, things can get really messy, especially if it becomes necessary to walk through areas with exposed soil, and that can wreak havoc on your favourite pair of sneakers. Clogs, on the other hand, are built to hold up to this and can be washed without fear of ruining them. They’re affordable, comfortable, and the perfect solution to solve your dirty shoe problem.

9. Tools basket

Having all of these wonderful tools, accessories, and supplies on hand is really useful, but it’s easy to lose track of your inventory, and it can be difficult to take everything you might need to the garden with you in one trip. A tool basket can solve all of that, as it will evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders in a way that makes it easy to carry, and most of them can hold more than the average grower could ever need for a job.

10. Harvest tub

Growing cannabis is only half the battle, and there’s no reason to give up now when you’re so close to the finish line. Still, many opt for potentially contaminated cardboard boxes or plastic bags that don’t breathe when it comes time to harvest. Instead, stay prepared with an easy to sterilize rubber tote or harvest basket on hand; It’ll make it easier to carry your bounty while also keeping it safe.

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