Common problems with feminized seeds

Published Jul 29, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Nowadays you can get cannabis seeds from the comfort of your own home, or by visiting your local seeds bank or dispensary, but if you don’t know which ones to get, then you might not have the best growing season ahead of you. Hence the reason it is essential to understand all that you can about each and every kind of cannabis seed, and today we’re going to focus on the feminized versions.

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are a type of cannabis seeds that are supposed to guarantee a grower a strong female plant. These seeds typically come with additional perks, like added strength that helps them to thrive against common plant illnesses, diseases, and pests, but it doesn’t happen naturally. Feminized seeds are the product of a precise process that does not happen in nature, which is why they tend to cost more than normal cannabis seeds.

That sounds like an awful lot of benefits

It most certainly does sound like a lot of benefits, and that is because it is, and many growers swear by the crops that they maintain using feminized cannabis seeds. Plus, with normal cannabis seeds, you are guaranteed to lose at least 50% of your seedlings as they will ultimately be male, posing a risk to all females that are in the vicinity, so most who enjoy growing will opt for feminized seeds.

So, what’s the downside?

To be absolutely clear, there are very few downsides to using feminized cannabis seeds. In fact, there are fewer with this type than there are with any other kind that you can find on the market today. However, there are still some drawbacks that every cultivator should know about if they want to have the most successful crop possible.

  1. Cost

The price of feminized seeds can be upwards of ten times higher than your average pot seed, so the cost is a major deterrent for some growers. However, many would argue that the benefits greatly outweigh the sacrifice, but only you know for certain if that would be true in your current situation.

  1. A false sense of security can ruin a crop

Most read the label on feminized seeds and assume that all of their plants will be female no matter what, but that’s not actually true. Some cultivators even go so far as to suggest that feminized seeds can be more confusing than any of their counterparts because they will turn hermaphroditic much more frequently than regular cannabis seeds. Sometimes only one branch will display pollen sacs, and in many cases, the whole plant can turn against you, so it is important to always keep an eye out for signs of a male in your crop.

  1. They can be hard to get if you don’t reside in a legal region

Feminized seeds require a precise process to create, and these kinds of skills aren’t common among backyard growers, so for those who live in regions that still prohibit the use of cannabis, they can be incredibly hard to get, forcing consumers to the black market for supply. Unregulated cannabis seeds tend to provide an even worst outcome than you’d expect because most of them aren’t guaranteed, which can make the investment a total waste of money.

Does that mean they aren’t worth it?

Feminized seeds might be a bit confusing, hard to make or create, and they do come with a select few drawbacks, but if you can get the real thing, they will always be worth the additional investment. The important thing is to understand the limitations of feminized seeds so that you don’t mistakenly assume that basic things like gender checks are no longer necessary. Feminized cannabis seeds offer some incredible perks to growers, which is the main reason they are the number one choice among consumers everywhere.

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