Info on chemically free marijuana

Published Feb 21, 2019 12:57 p.m. ET

Are you interested in locally grown craft cannabis, if so, perhaps you will become a member of the Canadian Cannabis Growers’? Their purpose is to provide cannabis businesses in Canada the ability to grow and provide high-quality cannabis to all Canadians.

The Canadian Cannabis Growers is a combined membership of dispensaries growers and resin extractors. The members are dedicated to setting and following strong industry standards the association was founded on the belief that they provide a safe and healthy cannabis market.

Advocacy on the part of the association is provided to entrepreneur sin Canada. The association will inform the public of any and all policymakers and provide and maintain a free and fair cannabis market place for all cannabis businesses.

Commercial marijuana growers in Canada wishing to provide high-quality cannabis have to be diligent in the management of disease and pest control. The government’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved pesticides that are biological in nature. There are no chemical insecticides that are approved for use. Bugs that eat other bugs, protozoans and fungi are utilized. The products are used to control aphids, spider mites, and white flies, to name a few. To keep these pests at bay, a combination of pest control techniques are demanded.

Going chemical free is the safest form of pest control. The health of the grower and the consumer is protected. Beneficial insects are usable; they do not leave a residue or potential toxic material on the plant. This allows the application of the insects to be used in the flowering stage.  Medical cannabis growers in Canada benefit from this form of insect control. They are rendering a safer cannabis medical product for patients.

Here are some of the insects that provide safe, healthy control of unwanted damaging insects.

Ladybugs: these insects are one of the most commonly used and effective forms of insect control. Over their lifespan ladybugs can ingest thousands of pest insects, ladybugs are carnivorous. A favorite snack for the ladybug are aphids which can run rapid in your cannabis. They will also eat spider mites and any other bug that presents itself on the cannabis plant.

Predatory Nematodes: these tiny insects are usually found in the soil around your cannabis plant. Predatory nematodes feed on insects that spend part of their life cycle in the soil. To quickly eradicate these pesky insects the combination of the Predatory Nematodes and organic insecticides are the best approach to handling insect infestation. This applies to any stage of the growing plant.

Plant Oils Extracts are another safe, beneficial form of controlling pest insects’ that can infiltrate your cannabis plants. Garlic, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and thyme are used in creating natural insecticides.

Let us discuss the use of coconuts in the cannabis industry coconut pesticides come in the form of Coco Coir. It is made from the outer, long course fibers of the coconut. It is used in the production of chemical and pesticide-free weed. Coco Coir is excellent for drainage and aeration; its glory though comes from it being free of pathogens and fungal spores.

The path forward is chemical and pesticide free plants that are pure and safe to use; the Canadian Cannabis Growers seem to have the right idea. With the availability of natural agents to protect our plant, it seems almost negligent not to do so.


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