Books that can help you get the biggest yield from marijuana plants

Published Nov 27, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Most people used to go to their friendly neighbourhood cannabis dealer to purchase their stash, but the times have changed, and now you can have a little home garden with a legal allowance of up to four plants!

While that sounds great, there is an amount of learning that goes into growing cannabis well. Growing marijuana is an art, and watching your herb grow can be an exhilarating time, that is believed to be great for your well being. So, where do you start should you get clones or start from seedlings, how do you know the sex of the plants, and how can you be sure that they are thriving?

Well, there are many books available full of mountains of valuable information on everything you need to know about growing cannabis and processing it. There are some great reads that date back as far as 1978, which is when one of the very first guides on growing weed was written by Mel Frank, a self-taught grower. That one is from back in the day when fluorescent lights were the go-to for indoor gardens, as fluorescent is not recommended now, but it’s still full of plenty of helpful information for beginners.

For those interested, the book can be purchased on Amazon, but as we fast forward to 2019, there is now an array of books on growing that are much more up to date. Here, we are going to look at a few and show you which ones can help to guide you through the process of developing the biggest yield of cannabis possible!

1. Weed

The ultimate quick guide to growing fantastic marijuana plants. This book gives an in-depth look, and once inside, you will learn everything about growing outdoors and indoors, including how to start your crop with literally no experience, how to get your indoor or outdoor cannabis garden started, and the best cannabis strains that give the biggest yields and where to find them. All while teaching you tips and tricks about the magical world of growing!

Author: Jordan Belford

2. Marijuana Growers Guide

This book covers all aspects of cultivating cannabis, so it is suitable for both the experienced grower and the beginner. It will teach you about indoor growing and outdoor tips, so this book is very insightful for both recreational and medicinal cannabis growers. The author has been teaching people how to grow for the past 30 years with lots of expertise in cultivation along with a love for the plant. With 500 pages of golden information, enjoy learning to produce some beautiful big marijuana buds.

Author: Ed Rosenthal

3. How to Grow Marijuana

For those looking to start, there is some invaluable input in this book including understanding the life cycle, how to tell if you have a male or female plant, picking the right strain for your needs or wants, how to maximize your yield and how to identify different diseases that you may run into throughout the journey.

Author: Tom Berfelo

4. The Cannabis Bible

This book is amazing as it covers everything that you could ever think of to do with growing and more. This updated version has over 200 pages of new and exciting reading material with excellent step by step guides that cover every single thing you need to know to either get started or harvest your weed. The grow bible is the most significant, and most straight forward cannabis cultivation ever published, and everyone who wants to grow should read it.

Author: Greg Green

5. True Living Organics

This book is excellent in all aspects! Organic growing is an all-natural way to grow indoors and outdoors, and this updated edition can help you to do both. It is full of excellent reading material that can teach you about composting, worm farms, organic tea mixes, and soil mixing to help you grow an amazingly organic weed garden. This comprehensive book also informs you about the making of hashish. How wonderful is that? All of this, alongside the lovely cannabinoids and the healing properties that each one presents.

Author: The Rev

Needless to say, there are some pretty good books out there on growing weed! These books can all be purchased online and help everyone to learn how to produce a beautiful marijuana garden. Do your research and make a list of supplies before you get your garden growing. Whether you choose to grow hydroponics or stick with dirt, either way, these books will be most helpful in ensuring that you can enjoy the most bountiful fruits of your labor.

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