Best potting soil for growing marijuana

Published Feb 4, 2019 11:06 a.m. ET

For a strong, healthy plant, growing needs to have a healthy start. Marijuana is no different. The medium or soil that you plant your marijuana in is essential. There are numerous different types of soil out there. We shall discuss the best of those. No matter what kind of soil is used there are a few things that must be considered when purchasing your soil. Water retention, texture, drainage, pH levels, and nutrient makeup are some of the top concerns.

All plants need a mixture of water and oxygen to survive. Too much water can cause the lack of oxygen to the roots. The plant will appear droopy. On the other end if there is not enough water retention the roots will dry out.

Best soil for weed

Signs of good soil are a beautiful dark rich color and a loose texture. It should drain well and not get muddy. Good soil has many ingredients some are perlite, earthworm casing, coco coir, blood and bone meal just to mention a few.

Super soil is an organically composted medium, all that it needs is water. Another is Living Soil. It breaks down the nutrients over the course of the plant's life, trying to mimic what happens in nature. Organic potting soil shouldn’t be forgotten. This medium requires marijuana friendly supplements every couple of weeks.

You can purchase anything with the wording “organic potting soil” or “mix”. It is not the best, but it will do

There are many different brands out there. Make sure you read the labels.

What kind of soil can I use for growing weed?

Make sure the soil you purchase does not contain slow release chemical nutrients. This could be troublesome to the plant by feeding them at the wrong time. Also stay away from soil that has wood chips visible in it. It is not properly composted. Avoid thick and heavy mediums, they tend to stunt the growth of the plant. A huge no-no is to use dirt from the backyard.

If you choose to plant outside,there is a lot of preparation involved. You need to know the composition of the soil and be prepared to assist it for optimum growth. Some heavy clay soils need a way to hold the oxygen and speed up the draining process.  Prior to planting, mix compost and other decomposed organic matter into the earth. This will help the plant receive nutrients, drainage, and aeration.

Sandy soil is relatively easy to work with. It tends to drain well but does not hold the nutrients. Advice is to dig holes and fill them with compost to assist in binding the soil together.

The ideal medium is silty soil; it fills all the requirements for a healthy harvest.

The best soil for growing weed is 5.5 to 6.5 range on the pH. scale This will help in producing wonderful healthy plants.

Optimal soils can be purchased at most garden centers and some hydroponic stores. If you are ambitious, you can make your own super soil. Some ingredients to use are, peat moss, coco coir compost, worm castings, an aeration additive possibly perlite and don't forget organic meals, blood, fish, and feather are great to name a few.


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