Guerrilla marijuana grow guide

Published Feb 19, 2019 01:55 p.m. ET

What is guerrilla marijuana exactly? Just imagine your eyes seeing magnificent marijuana plants growing healthy and free of toxins from the factories. Growing among other thriving natural vegetation. You have stumbled upon guerrilla weed, wild marijuana. What a sight.

If you want to know the best way for growing weed in the woods, there are a few crucial steps that need to be taken care of. This will help to ensure the healthy outcome of your plant, as much as you possibly can.

You should start at the beginning and see how to discreetly grow weed outdoors. We need to choose and prepare the area that you have chosen for your guerrilla grow. Here are three important steps when choosing the perfect off the beaten path spot.

  1. Altitude and sun exposure
  2. Water and wind
  3. Wild animals

How to discreetly grow weed outside

These are things you need to be aware of when picking the location. To avoid the possibility of unwanted powdery-mildew place your plants where they will receive direct sun in the morning. This will aid in drying the moisture on the plants and help   avoid fungus and the powdery mildew.

We need to be close to a water supply if possible. Perhaps a small creek or some underground spring. It is important; you do not want to carry water when you visit the plants, this could bring attention to your growing weed in the bush.

Take a look around, do you see any wildlife activity. Are there rabbits in the area? Do you notice any deer? Wildlife is beautiful, and to be appreciated when taking outdoor walks in the wood. However, not so good when the wildlife is close to your wild marijuana.

A healthy start will boost the best results for a healthy and abundant crop yield at harvest time. I’m assuming your grow area is not going to be visited too often during the growing cycle, so we need to give the plants a good start.  Potting soil will do the trick start by placing your guerrilla grow soil bags on cleared grow area. Slit the bag down the length, and across, you will be putting your clones into the potting soil. The underneath of the bag could be perforated; this allows the roots of the cannabis to reach the earth soil. When your plants are set you can cover them with dirt, and no one will see the bag, and you are securing the plants in a nice healthy vegetation medium for ultimate growth potential.

Hopefully, your chosen spot is not near any residential homes. The beautiful plants do tend to permeate the evening air, you know what I mean, you don’t want to call attention to what you are doing by encouraging people close by to wonder where the smell is coming from.

Once you have picked the perfect spot, we know how to plant our clones or seeds for our wild marijuana, now we need to pick the correct variety. Here are important considerations.

• Short flowering period
• Clones or feminized seeds
• Varieties that are known to deter pests and types of fungus and molds
• Auto-flowering seeds are great; their ability to flower independently is a bonus

Alright, you are ready to protect your stealthy outdoor grow in your back yard. You know to look for garden plants that will camouflage the beautiful marijuana plant, and look how nice mother nature is, well maybe she had some growers help, but anyways, there are some strains that come to our aid in camouflage;

Frisian Duck has 3 finger leaves which helps it be disguised.

Dr. Grinspoon: This strain does not clump together as other varieties do. Makes the plant look different than standard marijuana plants.

However you choose to grow enjoy!


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