All about cannabis seeds

Published Feb 13, 2019 01:59 p.m. ET

Now that marijuana is legal to use and grow in Canada, there are greater numbers of people that have become interested in purchasing their cannabis seeds to start their own crop. Growing your own weed from seeds can have many benefits. Some enjoy growing cannabis to save hundreds of dollars, while others like it most for its qualities as a relaxing hobby. Growing can be used to create reliable products which can be helpful for those who are using medically, as well as anyone who has difficult access strains that produce the effects they want. No matter the reason, there will always be a different type of cannabis seed that should be considered. Buying any random seeds could result in a complete disaster if you don’t know what you should be looking for. To help, we have compiled a list of different types of cannabis seeds available alongside what can be expected from each one.

Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds is a term that is used loosely to describe any of the different seed types below. They can be of any heritage or genetic line, either strain type (sativa or indica), and may or may not have any THC or CBD content. It simply describes the kind of plant and not anything about a specific marijuana plant species.  

Sativa seeds

Sativa seeds will grow a Sativa subspecies of cannabis. Sativa plants offer a wider range of options including both high and low CBD or THC content. The most significant characteristic of this species of marijuana plants is found in the way that they grow and produce flowers. This type tends to become much taller and spindlier than their indica counterparts. With average height ranging between 5-7 feet, and smaller more tightly bound buds that tend to provide smaller yields. These cannabis seeds are not often chosen for indoor grow rooms due to their stature but are frequently preferred for their medicinal use as their stereotypical effects are lighter paired with a higher CBD content.

Indica seeds

Another subspecies of the cannabis plant is indica, which are most widely accepted as the most potent of the two type of cannabis due to its stereotypical sedative effects. The most significant quality to remember about indica seeds is that they will produce shorter, bushier plants with much larger colas. Their average height ranges between 3-4 feet tall making them ideal for many smaller-scale growers who are limited in space. Indica is often considered to be a favorite among recreational users but also can medically assist in cases of chronic pain, depression, or anxiety.  

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are the only kind of cannabis that will not produce a plant that has much, if any THC content, making them of little use to recreational users. Hemp seeds are most often used as an addition to health food, or as a plant material base to extract CBD from in the making of CBD oils and tinctures that won’t get you stoned but are sought after by medicinal patients. Hemp seeds come in two different categories of their own including regular hemp seeds and industrial hemp seeds. Regular hemp is what is used for medical reasons, where industrial hemp is grown and harvested for its fibrous nature.  

Autoflower seeds

Autoflower seeds can be any other kind of cannabis seed listed here. They are created, used, and selectively bred for their incredibly short growing season, with many auto-flowering strains going from seed to harvest in as little as 12 weeks.

Feminized seeds

These seeds are specifically designed to create only female cannabis plants. Feminized seeds are selectively bred among themselves to produce a seed that has a 99% chance of resulting in a female plant. Since females are generally the only type of cannabis plant that anyone wants, these seeds come at a higher cost but also a significant benefit. Growing regular cannabis seeds will have a 50% chance of resulting in a male or female which often ends up wasting precious space in a grow room, only to have to be destroyed once they show their sex. This is why feminized seeds are considered to be some of the best cannabis seeds that money can buy.


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