5 New must-have products for cannabis growers

Published Apr 1, 2019 12:40 p.m. ET

As societal views have shifted and with the majority of regions seeing a sweeping reform including the legalization of cannabis there has been a massive influx in new advanced technologies hitting the market to help both new and experienced marijuana producers by providing easy to use and reliable products that make the job so much easier. Check out these five brand new items that every grower wants this year.

1. Spinner XP Spinner Grow

Cost: $2500

The Spinner XP combines the aesthetics of a tropical fish tank with the functionality required to sustain up to 12 weed plants to full maturity. It comes equipped with a built-in Carbon filter to completely eradicate smell, a fully decked out with a universal light source that allows the grower to use any bulbs including one ended and double ended tipped bulbs. This stack-able mini grow room seals, locks, allows for the use of any kind of growing medium, is equipped with duct-work for an adjustable airflow, and contains an irrigation system that will automatically feed and water your cannabis plants for you. The base basket rotates to allow for an even distribution of light coverage that can be adjusted and timed to your preference, and the whole thing will fit into any room that can handle 16 square feet worth of equipment.

2. HydroFarm Hydroponic Grow Room Kit

Cost: $763

If you are looking for something that will accommodate any kind of cannabis friendly growing medium that also comes equipped with powerful and high-quality bulbs, balusters, exhaust system, timer, and allows for automatic set up than this just might be the grow tent of your dreams. The Hydrofarm is the whole package in one small box for a relatively affordable price. It measures 3 feet by 3 feet and can hold and provide for up to six cannabis plants from seed to harvest.

3. Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering Kit

Cost: $40


If you are new to the scene and want a way to grow marijuana easy than this kids is for you. All starter kit’s come equipped with everything you will need to successfully grow cannabis including pre-planted and soiled marijuana seeds; a mini grow terrarium, batteries, and easy to follow instructions. Take all of the guesswork out of planting and germination while also removing the hassles that come with setting up an entire grow room. Each one contains 16 seeds from autoflowering cannabis varieties that will only take 10-12 weeks to be ready to harvest.

4. Omega Garden Hydroponics Marijuana Farm

Cost: $2630

One of the most technologically advanced on this list is the hydroponic rotary farm produced and sold by Volksgarden Supra. Thisis likely the most efficient and effective cannabis growing system in the world functioning off of minimal power and holding up to 80 plants at once. The Supra uses a rotating cylinder casing equipped with motion resistant containers that continuously rotate all 80 plants at an even pace to provide the most light. This results in an energy efficient tool that also delivers some of the strongest and most necessary UV rays for cannabis.

5. General Hydroponics PH Tester Control kit

Cost: $42.99

Cannabis may be a resilient plant species, but as a grower, you do need to be prepared for anything that might go wrong. One of the most common issues that marijuana growers will face is a deficiency of essential nutrients which can be addressed the best using a ph balancing and tester kit. This one contains everything you might need to adjust the PH levels in any soil mediums that are used for cannabis plants. It comes equipped with an easy to follower beginners guide for how to harvest and analyze samples making it perfect for both new and experienced producers.



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