10 Ways to memorialize your cannabis plants

Published Aug 15, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Once the long growing season comes to an end, it's a bittersweet time of victory for cannabis cultivators, many of whom have poured countless hours and dollars into creating the most beautiful specimens possible. It's time to hack the whole thing down in order to harvest the fruits of our labours, which means destroying the glorious plants we've come to know and love. This can be difficult, especially in good years, when our green thumbs reach peaks of perfection beyond the usual result, but this goodbye doesn't have to last forever.

Memorialization preserves the memory and glory of your beloved green garden for a lifetime so that you always have something to look back on fondly and to show your friends when you're feeling like bragging.

1. Photo collage

This is by far the easiest way to memorialize your crop. All you need are several high-quality photos, which might include your favourite plant, the whole garden, or even the process of going from seedling to mother or taking everything apart, and you'll have a beautiful story to display proudly on a wall that will last forever.

2. Resin

Clear resin is an incredible tool that can make almost anything last for years by covering it in a thin coating that hardens, protecting the prized possessions within from exposure to the elements like oxygen. Grab your favourite leaf and use it to line a resin ashtray or rolling tray, or turn your most voluptuous bud into a glistening paperweight.

3. Paint

Paint isn't going to capture a whole image of your garden or plant, but it can be a great way to make a memory to look back on while reminiscing about past years' crops. All you'll need is a giant fan leaf, which can be used as a stamp by pressing it face-first into a thin pool of paint and then gently pressing it against a sheet of paper. Once it's dry, it can be hung or stored away in a secret place so you can take it out when you want to be reminded of this fruitful time.

4. Shrinkwrap keychain

This idea takes paint to a whole new level by shrinking it down to a piece that's small enough to hang from a simple keychain, and it's really easy to do. Simply follow the steps outlined in number three only. Instead of pressing it onto normal paper, you'll want to use a sheet of shrink wrap, which is easy to find on Amazon. Once it dries, the wrap is baked for a few minutes, and when it's set, you'll have a memento that'll last through the tests of time.

5. Impressions

If you're looking for inspiration that's tongue in cheek, then search no further because impressions will allow your past plants to be part of the environment for your future grows. For this one, you'll need clay or some sort of chemical-free dough that can be shaped into pots. Before baking or allowing these masterpieces to dry, simply press buds or fan leaves on the outer wall to leave behind a perfect impression for you to enjoy all season long, year after year.


6. Jewelry

Boasting a true love for your plant has never been easier than it is with diamond jewelry, which can be created in a way that contains the sparkly grind or smallest fan leaves from your cannabis plant. Of course, most average cultivators will need the help of a professional to get this done, and depending on your style preference, it's not always cheap, but once it's done, you'll be able to take a memory of all that hard work with you everywhere you go.

7. Iron-on images

Not quite sold on any of these ideas yet? No problem! Not everyone feels comfortable working with moldable materials, and many might find paint to give a pre-school vibe that isn't quite on point, but every cannabis enthusiast loves a good shirt decorated with funny sayings or meaningful plant-inspired pictures. The best part is how easy it is, and if you've got photos of the past years' crops, then you can use them too! Just take an image and send it off to a company or person with the means to either make it into an iron-on patch or to create the clothing for you.

8. Lighters

Not every stoner enjoys a lighter, but those who love to inhale need nothing more than a never-ending supply, and what better to light your joints or bowls with than a tool that sports a photo of the plant you're smoking. Luckily, there's one company already offering this service to transfer your favourite images onto the wraps of lighters before shipping them right to your front door, and that is BIC. Give some to your friends or keep them all to yourself for a fun talking point to be pulled out in every good sesh.

9. Plush

It's nice to have décor boasting big fan leaves from your most prized plants, but what if we told you that you could hug a personalized stuffed animal that looks like a big breathtaking bud? Budsies, Plushy Gift, and a few other well-known companies will turn any picture into a plush, so why not go crazy with it. You could have pillows or little accent pieces in every room of your home, and their warm, fuzzy feel will be reminiscent of how that amazing plant made you feel.

10. Frame it

Last but not least is the good old-fashioned framing of your favourite parts of the plant, be it leaves or flower, but it will need to be prepared first because attempting to do this with wet plant materials will result in a crumpled, curly mess that will fall apart over time. Dry it first by placing the piece in the middle of a heavy book. Split those pages, and then use a small amount of force to press the two halves together, then leave it on a shelf to set. In a week or two, you'll be left with a perfectly dried and flattened memento that can be glued onto a coloured backing and then placed in a frame to display for the world to see.

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