10 Reasons to hire a professional grower

Published Aug 3, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis is a relatively hardy plant that is easy to grow, but if you want your crop to thrive, then it might be worthwhile to hire a professional cultivator. Even those with knowledge surrounding the basics have considered the idea for several different reasons, and here, we’re going to highlight ten of them.

1. Save time

A professional grower makes the whole process look fast and easy when the truth is that it takes a lot of time to bring a single plant, never mind several to the point of being ready to harvest. If you don’t have the time, or simply don’t want to sacrifice that much of it to stay stocked up, then you might be the perfect candidate to consider enlisting the services of an expert.

2. Save money

Even beginners have taken a glance at the cost of those fantastic seeds they’ve been eyeing on the market, but very few realize just how much it costs to nurture a crop from beginning to end. There is so much involved from the soil to the tools and the lights, and then, of course, the genetics and automation that it’s hardly worth the average consumer's time or money to get a mediocre yield.

3. Eliminate the frustration

Yes, cannabis is a relatively easy plant to grow even for beginners, but to achieve a truly impressive harvest it takes a whole lot of work, experimentation and frustration. Sometimes the soil just won’t be quite right, or the buds won’t produce in the way you’d hoped. Perhaps you’re overtaken with an infestation of pests and don’t see a clear way out. It’s hard to grow top-quality products, so why not skip that stress and pay someone else who knows exactly what it takes.

4. Support a fellow enthusiast

When you pay a professional you’re supporting an artist with a passion for the work, effort, knowledge and energy it takes to truly nurture a crop in its entirety. For many, this is their only way into the legal cannabis industry, and you’ll be supporting their love, experience and talent by helping them to meet their financial goals.

5. Receive high-quality product

As we’ve discussed time and time again, it’s one thing to grow a cannabis plant to full maturity and another entirely to turn it into specimens you can be proud of. If you want high-quality cannabis and can’t grow it yourself, then there’s no better way to handle the situation than to hire a professional grower.

6. Save space

Not everyone had the luxury of a giant sprawling garden that provides enough room, sunlight or security for a cannabis garden, and even fewer places of residence leave extra space for this addition. If you don’t have a room or green space to grow, then the right professional grower can provide all that and more for a price.

7. Minimize health risks

Inexperienced cultivators often turn to the wrong solutions for every problem, turning to unvetted advice from the internet in hopes of achieving greatness to no avail. This often results in the use of chemical-laden additions such as fertilizers, pest controls, and more that can have a terrible impact on your health, when it comes time to smoke or consume the product you’re growing. Professional growers know the risks and do everything they can to avoid them so that you can rest easy about the product you’re using.

8. Less waste

If you can’t grow like a professional, then there’s going to be a whole lot of unnecessary waste, like plant production capabilities, space, and even basic things like utilities. Professional growers can minimize their impact on the environment, while also ensuring you get the most bang for your buck (the biggest yield for the cultivar you provide, and that’s an amazing thing.

9. Avoid breaking the rules

Some renters aren’t allowed to grow cannabis plants, no matter how much time, energy, money or space they’re willing to dedicate to the process, and for them, the only way to get homegrown cannabis is to hire a professional who can provide the place and care they need to help a crop thrive.

10. Learn along the way

These kinds of cannabis services don’t come cheap, but they do facilitate the perfect arrangement to learn from, especially if you’re ready and willing to ask all of the right questions.

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