Your questions answered: How many gummies should I take?

Published May 28, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Smoking weed isn’t quite as daunting as cannabis-infused gummies because the effects take hold with each and every hit, making it relatively easy to manage the intensity of the experience. That, combined with most consumer's prior history with toking, results in a level of comfortability that simply does not exist with ingestible varieties of pot products. For many, edibles are brand new, and that’s exciting, but it’s important to take care when indulging in this alternative choice.

Small packages can be deceiving, formulated, and wrapped in a way that makes it seem like the whole thing should be consumed in one sitting, and that could land a new or inexperienced consumer in hot water. You might be used to packing back whole chocolate bars or bags of regular candy in one sitting, but gummies are a whole different thing. It may be tempting to snack on a whole thing of CBD or THC gummies, but most of the time, doing so probably isn’t going to work out in your favour.

Important things to consider when dosing with THC gummies

There is no perfect number of THC gummies to take regardless of your experience level or prior history, but there are some things that you should consider while making the decision of how much to take. Here, we’re going to highlight four essential points that every stoner should go over before taking cannabis-infused gummies.

1. Exact dosing is important

One package of THC gummies might include 20 candies that, when combined, total only 10mg, whereas others might pack hundreds of milligrams of cannabinoids in each and every bite. So, 1 gummy from the milder package will be equivalent to only a small fraction of candy from the more potent version. This is why visual measurements of grams or portion size are irrelevant. It’s the concentration that’s listed on the package that is the most important to consider.

2. Prolonged effects are inevitable

You might think that a bit too much weed couldn’t possibly hurt anyone, especially if you’ve smoked mountains of fresh flower with no ill effects, but the truth is that THC edibles induce much more intense effects that can last for up to 12 times longer than you’d expect from toking. That’s some serious commitment to whatever happens, leaving no room for error or a way to rid yourself of the overload any faster. So, if you take too much, you’re left to sit and wait for it all to wear off. This isn’t a 30-minute smoking session, it could be a 4 or more hour-long trip, so be ready for it.

3. Past experiences

If you’ve had edibles in the past, how did they impact you? Were they super potent gummies or on the milder side compared to the package you’ve got sitting in front of you? For some enthusiasts, 1 THC gummy might not do anything at all, and those who already know this can skip right over the trouble by doubling or tripling up this time around, but if you have no clear history with cannabis edibles or more specifically, the candy variety, then you’re going to want to take it easy the first time, by starting with only 1 or 2.

4. It’s always safest to start with one

Even if you do have prior experience with THC gummies, it’s always safest to take brand new products in small amounts, just to give you enough room to gauge any potential effects. It might seem like a bit of a waste, especially if your goal is to get as stoned as you can handle, but the wait is more than worth it because using small doses will help you build up confidence with the option at hand.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

CBD gummies don’t come with the same risk of impairment that one could expect from those that are infused with THC, and that leads many to believe that they can take as much as they want without any ill effects. The truth is that too much CBD can still do things like turn your stomach or induce uncomfortable bouts of things like diarrhea, especially when it’s abused in large amounts. With THC, the goal is generally to increase potency to the max, however, CBD is different as it builds up in the body over time, making it so that you actually need less to achieve the same effects, so in most cases, even with CBD edibles, less is generally more.

What about CBD gummies with THC?

Most cannabis-infused candy boasts a large dose of only one of the primary cannabinoids, but those that contain both should be treated in the same way you would THC edibles because there is always a risk of impairment, as well as prolonged effects that aren’t very easy to shake off. Though they might not be as potent, CBD gummies with THC should also be enjoyed with the utmost caution to avoid any potential adverse effects. Some people find that the addition of CBD helps to reduce the intensity of the induced euphoria, but until you know for certain, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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