Wine and cannabis strain pairing for the connoisseur

Published Oct 29, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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You may be smart out thinking that wine and weed is not always the best combination. While that might be true, when it is done correctly, the combination can empower and enhance the experience of both of the culinary delights. Pairing weed strains and wine is an art. Just as culinary experts pair food specialties with wine for their consumer's palate, the same is now happening with weed and wine. The following is a guide that deserves viewing, as it will show you how the marijuana plant, as with wine, can provide different palate experiences for all individuals.

Wine and cannabis pairings

Sweet white wine paired with Northern Lights

  • A sweet Australian Riesling with the sugary and citrus flavours pairs wonderfully with the citrus flavours of Northern Lights combined with the delicious surgery tastes from this strain.

Rich white wine paired with Pineapple Express

  • A delicious Chardonnay has complex fruity flavours. The riper the grape, the more a taste of pineapple will present itself. If the grape is less mature, a lemon taste will be noted. Pineapple Express presents itself as a perfect pairing for this wine. The complimentary tropical and sweet undertones of the strain Pineapple Express, fits with the complexity of the Chardonnay.

Dry white wine paired with Trainwreck

  • For a great tasting dry white wine Sauvignon Blanc is ideal with its fruity flavours, and it is the best choice to pair with the strain Trainwreck. The riper the wine, the fruiter the flavor will be. This particular wine, Sauvignon Blanc, may also provide a pepper and grass taste for your palate to enjoy. Trainwreck has a primary earthy flavour with a delicious lemon aftertaste making this a perfect pairing.

Dessert wine paired with Blueberry

  • Port wines are amazingly sweet and pair well with sweet foods and desserts. When looking for a weed strain to pair with this sweet wine, the Blueberry strain fits. The sweetness and excellent flavour of this bud deliver a perfect pairing.

Bold red wine paired with White Widow

  • This full-bodied dark fruit and pepper tasting wine come from different parts of the world. The powerful, body effect of the strain White Widow, provides a super pungent and earthy experience. This marijuana strain can stand up and compliment the full body taste of this wine.

What is crossfaded?

It is wise to remember when you combine alcohol and weed, that if it isn’t done correctly, it can result in the crossfaded effect. This is the unique and unwanted effect of feeling a little drunk and a little bit too stoned. Some people enjoy the feeling; however, some find this to be an overwhelming and uncomfortable sensation.

Crossfaded is a very subjective feeling; it is not comparable to the sensation that one gets if alcohol is the cause of our unwanted feeling. This is due to the way that alcohol affects how the body absorbs the cannabinoids in weed and vice versa. If you, unfortunately, fall subject to this unwanted feeling, the best thing that you can do is try to relax, as it will pass. No one has perished from this combination, but it might take a while to wear off.

As we move forward with the second stage of legalization in Canada, some of the licenced producers in the region are looking to partner with famous chefs. The pairing of wine, weed, and food is at the forefront of many cannabis industry ventures.

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