Will second-hand weed smoke affect me?

Published May 4, 2019 09:30 a.m. ET
Photo Credit Chad Hipolito

There are 10 of us in the room I am the only non-smoker. My eyes are a little irritated my hair stinks of weed, and I'm sure that the fake fur wrap I have on stinks too. Did I mention that there were no windows in this room? Hmm, another small fact I may have forgotten to mention is I have a drug test on the near horizon. It's for my job.

What are the chances I will test positive? Here are some factors well worth knowing that may help in eliminating those anxious thoughts.

Can You Fail a Drug Test from Second Hand Smoke?

Your chances of failing a drug test by just being in the room are very low. However, that does not mean that you would not show positive for THC in your urine test. It would be a small amount, not enough to affect most test results negatively but highly accurate tests still hold some danger. THC is detectable as early as 15 minutes post-exposure to the smoke. You may feel sleepy, have a pleasant feeling maybe even a little bit of light-headedness. But is this the effect of the THC or the lack of oxygen in the room, remember I stated that it would not be enough to show an increase in your blood or alcohol when tested.

The physical and mental effects that happen to the body when second-hand smoke is inhaled are questionable. Perhaps you had taken a hit from someone else when they were exhaling? You feel euphoric you are happy, and you did not smoke. It was second-hand smoke did you get high? I will leave that question with you, if the answer is positive, I've been buying smoke unnecessarily. I should just hang out with crowds of smokers. Contact high could be sweet and cheap.

Can you get high from smelling weed?


On a serious note, second-hand smoke will cause some changes to your blood vessels. Inhaling by second-hand mode for as short as a minute can affect your blood vessels for the next hour and a half.

The effects of secondhand smoking on us is temporary. If you are at a concert with your friends, let's say the air is blue; the pungent odors are delicious your eyes are becoming irritated, and you are not partaking, the effects will be short-lived. Doing this type of inhaling on a continuous basis can lead to becoming long-term problems. Some of the damage done by second-hand marijuana smoke include the development of clogged arteries. This alone can lead to strokes or heart attacks. The amount of time you spend inhaling the second-hand marijuana smoke plays a tremendous part on if it is negatively affecting you.

Does secondhand smoke get in your system?

Smoking is smoking; anytime you inhale heat to your lungs, it could be damaging. The lungs are susceptible to second hand weed smoke and it could lead to bronchial health problems, in extreme cases. When the absorption of the weed is from secondhand smoking, the results are similar to the results of second-hand tobacco smokers. It is not advisable to smoke in a room with young children with developing minds, who knows what the full effects may be if any.



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