Will burning weed get you high?

Published Apr 15, 2019 09:26 a.m. ET

With cannabis now a legal substance across such a large portion of the world, there have been more than a few insane ideas that people have tried or wanted to test out now that smoking marijuana in public is no longer a criminal offence. On the very first day of marijuana legalization in Canada, many citizens witnessed displays of ecstatic people running out to the sidewalk to light up a bong or making a huge deal out of walking down the street smoking a joint. It was comical and for the most part, a harmless display of passion for a long-demonized substance. Now that weed lovers have found a new wave of confidence as the stigma slowly fades; they are quickly getting braver and more creative with the experiments they want to try outside of their homes. Often the motivation of wanting to impress a large gathering at a party is what amps this up. One of the most recent trends that is growing in popularity is burning cannabis and we don’t mean a meager amount like what you would expect to find in a joint either.

What do I mean by burning weed?

Most people hear the term burning weed, and they think of putting a lighter to a bong or smoking marijuana through some other device. What I’m referring to in this article is burning of a large amount of marijuana that is usually done outside inside of a fire pit by setting the cannabis plant material on top of the open flames.

What will burning cannabis do?

This seems like a relatively simple question that could be answered with, well, it burns, but there is so much more to account for when describing how this activity could play out. Generally, a brick or pile of marijuana will be added to either a rolling or coaled fire to burn it. Once the heat is applied, the plant materials will burn just as they do when smoking marijuana, but on a much larger scale. Since this experiment is typically performed outside natural forces like wind can whisk away the smoke and help it to travel miles before it dissipates. The most massive cloud of smoke will be surrounding the fire itself and wafting over anyone who stands near it.

Will burning weed get you high?

This answer to this question depends on where exactly you are located when the marijuana burning begins, how much is burned, and several other entirely unpredictable possibilities. However, in general, yes burning cannabis will get you high as long as you are inhaling the smoke that is emanating from the fire. If there is a substantial amount of pot than there will be a large amount of THC within the smoke that will be absorbed through regular breathing upon contact.

Should you burn weed?


The biggest problems with burning cannabis come down to cost effectiveness, and neighborly concern. The most significant issue with burning marijuana is that it is incredibly expensive and short lasting due to the amount of THC that is wasted by being released into the air. The second most common problem that folks who have tried it have come across is neighbors not appreciating the smell and possible buzz from being located too close to a weed burning. Whether you should partake in cannabis burning will depend on where you live, and how big your bank account is. The experience itself can be fun for everyone involved if proper precautions are taken.

Tips for cannabis burning parties

Now that you have learned about this unique new trend it’s important to learn how to avoid some of the most common problems that might arise from hosting a weed burning party.

1. Be sure that the event’s location is far away from neighbors, and if you are located near other people, it is best to seek permission before filling the neighborhood with smoke. As with any secondhand smoke, it is entirely possible for anyone who is exposed to get high, and not everyone enjoys that.

2. Take proper fire safety precautions. Just like with any other type of fire it is critical that you keep any cannabis burning outdoors and away from trees, dry leaves, and or houses. Since marijuana will break apart into small pieces as it burns, there will be plenty of coals wafting through the air that could ignite a roof or tree reasonably easily.

3. Provide a place to sleep or a ride home for your guests. Just like with any party that offers alcohol, you are responsible for your attendees after serving them THC. You can be held legally and financially accountable for serving someone marijuana products and allowing them to drive home. Driving a motor vehicle impaired is illegal, and not everyone can handle such a massive dose of the psychoactive cannabinoid, so be prepared to host guests and take keys whenever necessary.



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