Why you should buy Clean Green Certified weed

Published May 25, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Green Certified, how do those words apply to organic cannabis? Those three words ensure that the herb we are using is certified organic cannabis. The word organic is one that’s thrown around a lot today when describing produce, as consumers go out of their way to seek it out. Organic cannabis is also a coveted product that a growing number of health-conscious people would prefer to have. Are there benefits to using organic cannabis?

Health scares have made us aware of toxic additives in some cannabis. Organic cannabis is free from those toxic substances that are commonly found in a lot of grocery store produce today.  Produce is protected by the USDA to ensure the sustainability of the products that are available for purchase. However, herein lies the issue. Cannabis is not recognized as a legal substance at the federal level in the USA, which prevents cannabis from being grown in the same environment as other organic produce if the company wants to display USDA organic certification.

The cannabis program has been the longest-running certification system for cannabis in the world. It is also the most extensive marijuana certification program in the US. Chris Van Hook developed the program in 2004, and recently, he created a sister program whose target market is Vegan. The Clean Green Certified Vegan label will be exclusively for vegan outputs and growing processes.

The process of obtaining Clean Green Certification is not an easy road. First, candidates are required to indicate which section of cannabis they are supporting. Whether it be processing, farming, handling products, or a company that is in full support of the organic cannabis industry, all of this and more must be disclosed before intense inspections are conducted, and only those companies that possess a state license are eligible.

For the cannabis farmer, there are three stages throughout the application process that need to be completed.

Cultivation methods

  • Applicants must provide detail on how they are growing the crop details on the source of electricity, water, soil erosion, the pesticide used
  • The border areas around the cultivation site

Legal compliance

  • Growers meet with attorneys to discuss compliance in their facilities
  • Ensure the facility is keeping a record of the marijuana produced while also preventing contamination

Agricultural inspection

  • This part of the program checks on the health of the growing plants
  • The cultivation area is given a thorough investigation
  • Plants are checked for mould, excess dirt, wind-borne dust
  • The representative from the program will take samples and send them to independent labs to check for any contaminants

For a grower to have The Clean Green certificate and the logo displayed, they have met all the stipulated regulations laid out in the program of sustainability for the organic cannabis plant. The certificate is only given to those who have proven to display a dedication to producing high-quality organic cannabis and environmental stewardship.

Final words

Until the federal government has passed the legalization of cannabis, The Clean Green certificate seems to be doing what the federal government does not. The program will apply USDA certified organic standards to marijuana products while guaranteeing that organic farming practices have been implemented in the growing and creation of cannabis products.

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