Why joints are still so popular

Published Apr 15, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Joints have always been the most popular mode of delivery among enthusiasts, and the reasons behind why they continue to withstand the tests of time are many. Even though we have access to the most incredible selection of cannabis products, we keep turning back to what we know and love, and here, we look to highlight some of the most influential.


Joints always have been and will always be convenient. You can find a pack of rolling papers in almost any variety store, eliminating the need to visit an expensive head shop, and it only takes a few moments to roll and go. There’s literally nothing else out there that’s so easy to maintain, regardless of where you might be, and that’s pretty amazing.


A pipe can run you anywhere from $10.00 to $100.00+ and bongs aren’t much different. Dab rigs tend to cost even more on average, and that’s just too much for many consumers to bear financially. A pack of rolling papers averages closer to $2.00, and a high-quality hemp wrap is only a few dollars more, and that’s perfect, especially for those who don’t partake too often, which is the majority of consumers. Not everyone is ready and willing to make that investment to upgrade their cannabis experience, and it shows.


It's so easy to roll a joint before you go, making it a smooth transition to spark up those joints in public while drawing little to no unwanted attention. Joints from a distance to the untrained eye look just like cigarettes and that provides a protective veil of discretion many consumers hold dear. Not everyone is loud and proud, and for those who aren’t relying on various types of joints to get the job done is the ideal solution.



Of course, one can dab, vape, or use a bong or pipe to deliver a generous dose of cannabinoids, but all of those options require a tool that is really obvious, and in some cases, it can take a while to get things done. Vapes need to be charged, dab nails heated, bongs and pipes are colourful and awkward, and always in need of a good cleaning, but joints don’t come with any of those burdens. They’re easy, fast, and oh so simple, and that makes them appealing to many enthusiasts.

A history

During prohibition, many countries and states chose to ban cannabis-related products because the plant was illegal, so allowing such sales encouraged what was perceived as bad behaviour. These days we have access to glass shops, dispensaries and online suppliers stocked to the brim with cannabis tools and accessories, but still old habits die hard, and since many of those who are legal aged consumers today lived through this suffocating period, many will never change their preferred method of delivery.

Joints might not always be the most popular choice among consumers, especially as time moves forward and older generations of participants are no longer around. Young people tend to be far more worried about their health, and for that reason, this trend might die out even faster than you think.

Cannabis delivery is so much more than a convenience


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