Why does weed make me feel bad?

Published May 5, 2019 10:40 a.m. ET
Photo Credit Christopher Katsarov

If you have suffered from anxiety or panic attacks, you may have had a bad experience when indulging in the use of the marijuana plant. THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is known to intensify those feelings of anxiety inside of us. Considering that we have those feeling within our selves already, adding to it could invoke a negative response. THC stimulates the fear response within us. If you are a naturally anxious person, certain chemicals in the brain like serotonin, which is responsible for mood control, and the hormone that gets you ready for sudden physical movement, noradrenaline, could operate differently in your brain. People who are more relaxed do not seem to have the same negative response. This could be the reason for the extreme response to the THC effects that are felt by some. Co CB1 receptors that are in the nervous system tell our bodies how to feel. If you say” I don’t like the weed,” it is the CB1 receptor signaling your brain to respond this way. The CB1 receptors have other duties, regulating the immune system and the gastrointestinal system at the same time as regulating the nervous system.

So, how does weed make you feel, a few things will influence that. The potency, the strain and how you consume it along with other things will have a bearing on how weed will make you feel.

Here are some general effects

  1. Heighten your senses colors may seem brighter
  2. Promote a relaxed sense of well-being
  3. Panic or anxious feeling could be present
  4. Hallucination can be experienced
  5. Euphoric feelings are fantastic

How does weed get you high?

Le’s talk about a couple of ways for you to get high from weed. Smoking and I include vaping, just to be general. The second way is to incorporate edibles into the mix. Smoking/vaping is going to give you the fastest response to the weed. The THC goes to the bloodstream so quickly the response could be felt in seconds or minutes. THC usually peaks in your body in about 30 minutes. The effects will taper off in 1-4 hours typically. As always remember when using edibles time is an important factor. The results may not be felt for 45 minutes to an hour, relax take your time to be a turtle and the rewards will be great, be greedy, and the rewards may be “I don’t like a weed” feelings for 4-6 hours.

Here are some strains that may make you wonder why you said: “I don’t like weed.”


Balmoral: by Tweed
This is a pungent smelling hybrid 18-21% THC. Great for lowering anxiety.

Sour Tangie:
Uplifting sativa dominant, great stress reliever, and fills the room with a delicious orange scent. 15% THC.

TWD Lot# 6 by Tweed
THC in this strain is 20% a nice Indica dominant- hybrid, great to use in the evening after a long stressful day. The sedating high is very calmful.

The opioid system controls our addictive behaviors and controls our reward and pain systems. The use of these strains and numerous other strains may be the answer to dealing with anxiety and depression that opiate addicts can experience. The treatment of chronic pain that can accompany depression is managed by cannabis with no side effects. If chronic pain is the issue speak with your budmaster about the perfect strain for those painful, anxious feelings. There is a perfect strain out there for you, good hunting – enjoy!



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