What you should know about your vape mouthpiece

Published Jul 5, 2019 10:21 a.m. ET
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Since the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in many states, there has been an increased interest in the methods of consuming marijuana. There are so many ways to consume marijuana. One of the ways to consume marijuana is by using a vaporizer. Vaporization is the heating of the cannabis flower or the concentrates to a high temperature, where the contents become a vapor that can be inhaled. The part of the vaporizers that the vapor travels through to pass through the chamber to the user is called the vape mouthpiece. The vape mouthpiece can be removed and replaced when necessary. It can be made from glass, silicone, or plastic material.

The vape cartridge is the chamber in the vape pen that is filled with oil containing the contracted amounts of cannabinoids. Studies conducted shows that vaporized marijuana gives a stronger high. It also increases the effects of marijuana.

There are different types of vape mouthpieces. Some of the following will be discussed below.

Wax vape mouthpiece
After using the mouthpiece for some time, it can become clogged up and so block the area that the vapor usually travels. Difficulty in pulling the mouthpiece is an indicator that the mouthpiece needs to be cleaned and replaced. If you wish to clean the mouthpiece, you can remove the mouthpiece from the vaporizers and put it into a container with rubbing alcohol. You can also use other 420 type cleaning solution. Afterwards, when it is soaked, use a piece of the brush to scrub it clean. Boiling water could be used, but it may be dangerous, and if it was a glass mouthpiece, it might crack easier. If you are finished cleaning the mouthpiece, then use warm water to rinse it.

Herb vapem mouthpiece
Herbs are not so sticky like wax. If this mouthpiece needs cleaning, you will know based on the difficulty in pulling the vapor. The screen may be clogged with residue and so it can either be cleaned or replaced, whichever is preferable to you. The procedure to clean the herb mouthpiece is like the wax mouthpiece.

Oil vape mouthpiece
An oil mouthpiece is also cleaned in a similar way to the wax mouthpiece.


However, considering that there may be different components clogged with the screen, you should not put all of the components in the cleaning container. Clean each component thoroughly one by one. Do you like using a plastic vape mouthpiece or a glass vape mouthpiece? A mouthpiece can be quite a remarkable accessory to your vaporizers. A creative and expensive mouthpiece can add a look of quality to your vape.

Some people prefer glass mouthpiece because it does not react with chemicals, and it is usually clean. When selecting a vape mouthpiece, you should choose one that mirrors your personality and needs. The size of the mouthpiece is wider, it will allow more vapor to travel to the user, and if it is large, then less vapor will reach the user. Different types of Mouthpiece have their taste. Plastic mouthpieces are durable. It can last long, and they do not easily break. These mouthpieces are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some people are sensitive to glass, and so they tend to prefer plastic. Plastic mouthpieces may leave a certain taste in your mouth other than the weed.

On the other hand, glass mouthpieces allow the herb to remain and taste fresh. The glass is usually tasteless. Therefore, you can enjoy the full benefit and flavor of the weed. Low-Quality mouth-to-mouth will prevent you from getting a beneficial experience. The glass mouthpiece also allows the weed to be transferred faster as well. The glass neutralizes harmful chemicals. The glass mouthpiece is easy to use. However, glass mouthpiece is easier to break, but it can be replaced.

As discussed before, the cleaning of the mouthpiece is an essential step in the vaporization process. In addition to rubbing alcohol, salt and hot water can be used to clean the mouthpiece. A quality mouthpiece can enhance the experience of the experience of the user.

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