What to expect if you eat too many edibles

Published Feb 27, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET

Edibles are a discreet way of consuming marijuana that could make you never want to try marijuana again. Edibles enter the body through the digestive system. When eating an edible, the THC gets absorbed slowly through the stomach and the intestines. Here is where the THC gets broken down to provide us with a more potent chemical. This will result in a much more intense high that will remain with you for a longer time.

How much is enough?

When smoking or vaping marijuana the effect is almost immediate, when using edibles for your marijuana consumption, be prepared to wait for the effect. You may have to wait upwards of an hour. Yours and your friend's metabolism are different, so no two people will react the same. Take your time and start slow when eating or drinking an edible. An interesting note is your tolerance for smoking the marijuana may be different than with the edibles. A general rule is 10 mg per serving of THC per goodie.

Weed chocolate bar side effects

Let’s say your chocolate bar has 10 squares, if the packaging states that the bar has 100mg, then each square would be 10mg of THC. Do not eat the whole bar no matter how tasty it is. You could end up on the couch for the night. No one wants to have a bad reaction to edibles, it’s not fun. Even worse you could feel nauseous; the room could be spinning and the feeling to hug the toilet bowl maybe imminent. Sorry, but it may be a hard decision whether you should sit on the toilet or hug it. At this time — not a nice feeling but the side effects of edible weed are totally avoidable. Pot brownies side effects or hash cookies side effects, whatever edible you are eating make sure you know what dosage is good for you. Generally, all sorts of edibles have a similar strength when prepared at the same dose. Anyway, let's be positive and hope that won’t happen to you. Remember to indulge in your edibles whatever form you choose, on a stomach with a little something in it. If you have your edible first thing in the morning, they tend to be more intense on an empty tummy. If you are infusing your drinks or using tinctures the effect will be much faster than, say a rich delicious sponge cake.


Can edibles make you sick?

I suggest to even the chronic marijuana user to take caution when mixing alcohol with cannabis. The effects can be overly intense resulting in some bad feelings and a wasted high. If you don’t overdue it however, you’ll be fine.

If you are a first -time user of edible refrain from mixing alcohol with marijuana, make sure that you are in a comfortable surrounding with friends who will be there to support you if you experience an overload of the edible. If the worst happens and you feel that you have indulged in too much of the edible do not worry. Those terrible feelings will pass. Drink lots of fluid perhaps open the window beside the bed. Maybe turning on the fan will help. Return to bed and keep your foot on the floor and hope you fall asleep fast.

If you did overdo it eating edibles last night, it may take hours, even a whole day to get over the effects. You could feel the effects of last night well into the morning of the next day. If you are still not feeling the best, eat some greasy fast food to absorb the rest of the THC, no problem. Remember to enjoy responsibly!  



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