What to expect from our Cannabis & Legal Reform online event

Published May 28, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
The panelists 

Canada may have legalized cannabis, but we still have a long way to go if we want to ensure that each and every Canadian individual and business is treated equally and with fairness. The Federal government has shown some empathy in regard to the situation, which is evident by the move to fast-track record expungements for individuals who have a criminal record for the simple possession of cannabis, but to date, these are the only charges that are eligible for this kind of reprieve.

In many cases, those who are eligible for the expungement program face numerous barriers in the process of applying and gaining acceptance, resulting in outright denials, and unacceptable wait times that can cost people the quality of life that they deserve. A lingering criminal record gets in the way of life-changing necessities such as housing, employment, and even social opportunities, and this is something that must change to reflect the current state of cannabis laws in Canada today.

When and where to tune in

Our Cannabis & Legal Reform discussion will go live on June 3rd, at 6 pm EST on www.cannabis.wiki.

What is it?

The Cannabis Wiki & Legal Reform panel will focus on the injustices of the current criminal system in regard to cannabis charges, including those that exceed the list of eligible expungable offenses under Canadian law and those who are left to suffer as they await the day that their criminal record is finally dissolved. Here you’ll get to listen in on the hot topic discussion between three panelists who are all highly respected professionals and veterans from the cannabis industry, including Caryma Sa'd of Sadvocacy and NORML, Ish Aderonmu a long-term advocate from Legalish, and Abigail Sampson from NICHE Canada.

Panelist information

The participants chosen for this panel have a unique and intimate knowledge of Canadian cannabis law through experience from all sides of the struggle. This truly diverse group includes everything from a highly experienced lawyer who continues to fight for the people, to an entirely different perspective of someone who found himself on the wrong side of the law, seeing first-hand how difficult these trials and tribulations can be for all who are affected.

Caryma Sa'd

Caryma is a business professional, educator, and advocate on the cannabis scene, as well as a practicing lawyer. She spends her time lobbying for drug policy reform and giving back to the community through a variety of initiatives, including free monthly help sessions that are designed to teach individuals about their rights, responsibilities, and options when dealing with Canadian law.

Sa’d has spent more than two decades in her profession and currently sits on the Board of Advisors at Legal Line, holds the position of executive director with NORML Canada, and took home the Canadian Law Blog Awards Best Innovative Project Award in 2019. She is a trusted resource and advocate for all things cannabis and a passionate speaker who is well known right across the country.


Ish Aderonmu

Aderonmu knows first-hand what it’s like to struggle through the many barriers that people right across Canada still face every single day. Though Ish was born in Nigeria, today, he resides in Ontario full time, where he is looking forward to a bright future as he works towards graduating from Ryerson University Law School in 2023.

Though he certainly has an interesting success story to tell, it was only a decade ago that he was incarcerated for drug trafficking charges, which forced Ish to learn everything there is to know about the Canadian legal system and the importance of advocacy and legal assistance for youth in particular. Since then, he’s founded Legalish, and pushed for change wherever and whenever justice issues need to be addressed.

Abigail Sampson

Abigail is a cannabis advocate who is on a mission to de-stigmatize cannabis. Though she began by speaking on behalf of medicinal use, she has spent the last 5 years heavily engaged with all aspects of the cannabis industry. She took on the essential task of providing delegations for the Cannabis Act at the House of Commons and currently sits on the board of NICHE Canada.

Sampson is also a cannabis industry professional and educator with a focus on under-represented groups across Canada who are experiencing cannabis-related issues, so she has plenty of experience, knowledge, and insight into some of the most serious problems that currently exist within Canadian cannabis law. Abigail brings to the discussion a passion that many cannabis enthusiasts share and shows no fear when it comes to addressing the more difficult questions that can sometimes arise.

Where to get tickets

If you are interested in checking out this unique cannabis-focused online experience, then you’ll need to register and get your tickets in advance, and you can do that right here.

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