What is THCA crystalline and how is it made?

Published Mar 18, 2019 11:04 a.m. ET

What is crystalline?

Crystalline is designed to contain only one cannabinoid. The most common forms of crystalline are THCA, CBD, or CBDA. Crystalline will not get you high unless it includes THCA and is heated to activate the psychoactive components that transform it from THCA to THC.

What is THCA crystalline?

AKA THC crystals or THC diamonds are a marijuana concentrate that is in a solid form. THC crystalline appears similar to large chunks of sugar and is the purest form of concentratecontaining no impurities or terpenes. THCA crystalline is the purest form of THC crystals and provides an average 95%-99.9% THC content.

What are pure THC crystals?

When THCA Crystalline is heated, it is converted to THC which will some produce potent mind-altering effects. So technically all THCA Crystalline can be considered THC crystals if the chosen method of ingestion including using high temperatures.

How is THC crystal made?

THCA extraction should only be done by professionals due to the extraction process being dangerous and sometimes even illegal. THCA extraction can be performed on almost any kind of cannabis concentrate. A solvent is used to separate and extract the sought-after cannabinoid THCA from a marijuana concentrate. During this process, the THC crystals will bind and form crystalline structures that are then retrieved and allowed time to settle as any residual solvents slowly evaporate before it is ready for ingestion.

What are the effects of THCA crystalline when smoked?

The effects of THCA crystalline, when smoked, is different than other methods of ingestion because smoking requires heat, which converts the active chemical THCA into THC. Pure THC crystals will have similar results to smoking dried marijuana only amplified. The average bud contains a maximum 30$ THC and is likely even lower than that so it will essentially be three to four times more potent. Some of the most common felt effects of smoking THCA crystalline are feeling relaxed, sleepiness, increased appetite, increased heart rate, pain reduction, and an overall sensation of euphoria.


What are the effects of THCA crystalline when eaten?

Since THCA Crystalline is not yet active, it can be eaten without the psychoactive qualities often associated with cannabis products. Pure THC crystals can be eaten as is or mixed into anything that doesn’t require heat to prepare. THCA crystalline has very little felt effect beyond medicinal qualities. THCA is often used to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, inflammation, joint pain, muscle spasms, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, seizures and more.

How is THCA crystalline used?

Pure THC crystals can be consumed orally for medical benefits, and can also be smoked, vaped, made into tinctures, made into balms, and used in dabbing. Pure THC crystals can also be mixedinto other cannabis concentrates to increase the potency of almost any marijuana product.

Where to purchase pure THC crystals

It is important to note that THC and THCA crystalline are both currently illegal to manufacture for sale in Canada. So, unfortunately, finding some may prove to be challenging for a few years yet. However, there are a few websites online that will ship to your door from out of the country with prices ranging from $75 per gram to $100 per gram.





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