What is skunk weed?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:48 p.m. ET

Skunk, when referring to weed, is an iconic strain from back in the 1970's. The skunk plant provided great yields and an amazing high back in the day. It is a generic name for potent strengths with high levels of THC. It became a building block for the genetics of the strains we enjoy today.

The original breeders of Skunk #1, a group from California, used a variety of strains to produce the skunk strain we know and love today. Afghani Acapulco Gold and also Colombian gold are the apparent strains that they used. This strain produced amazing dense resinous buds. There were very few leaves on the plant, and the pungent odor represented its name wonderfully. The high energy cerebral feelings were incomparable back at that time. In the Netherlands around 1982, the seeds were being sold for hybrids all across the globe.

Today Skunk #1 is a hit with all marijuana users; it will please the recreational and the medical users, the connoisseurs will be delighted also. It gives off sweet, earthy skunky aroma and may taste a bit sour.

What does skunk weed look like?

The buds from this beauty of a plant contain patches of bright orange pistols. The sugar leaves are covered with trichomes. The rest of the plant is a healthy green color. When wet in the garden this plant will make its presence well know from the odor it emits. In the Netherlands, this plant was bred for indoor cultivation. However,it can be grown outdoors with warm and light controlled levels monitored carefully. This strain is an auto-flowering plant; an outdoor plant can produce one pound per plant. Indoor reaping may be about 18 ounces per square meter planted.


Skunk #1 may be best used at the end of a busy day, not if your planning to sleep, but if you are looking for a massage and an herb to relax and soothe that hard-worked body of yours. Don’t worry you will be energized and have a heady high along with your relaxed body. Fabulous what more is there needed here?

Medicinal use of Skunk#1 is great for day to day use. It is really good for depression and at keeping anxiety under control. If you are using this strain for a particular mood disorder, try to consume with moderation this strain could increase your symptoms when not used in moderation. Use it wisely.

No drug discussion is complete without discussing any possible side effects. There are not many, but here they are, dizziness is probably the worst you may feel. You can get the cottonmouth, from dehydration. This is easily remedied. Prepare ahead when you are going to partake. Have on had plenty of drinks preferably ice-cold water with a twist of lemon hmm hmm.

Ultimately the strain that you choose hopefully will do all that you need. Personally, Skunk #1 is a great choice. As usual,when using any strain of the beautiful herb, please do it responsibly and enjoy.



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