What is live resin?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:16 p.m. ET

Freezing your herb before extraction

 Live resin is a type of concentrate like wax or shatter. It can demand a higher price in the recreational marijuana market. How is it different from other concentrates you may ask? There are hundreds of terpenes each one having its own distinct characteristic. The terpenes that are in the live resin are much higher than that found in traditional concentrates.  Comparing these concentrates terpenes to traditionally BHO extractions you can understand why there is a rise in the price of a gram.This concentrate delivers a complex yet pungent aroma. Perhaps this could explain the elevated psychoactive experience when the terrapins interact with the CBD and THC.

How much THC is in resin?

The levels of THC can be 65-95% with live concentrate; cured herb is 55-60%. Perhaps this is a reason for the increase in price when compared to other concentrates out there. This resin has a sappy liquid consistency maybe even granular, unlike shatter It appears very bright yellow color and can be hard to handle because of its gooey and sticky feeling  

Due to its amazing qualities, the demand is there. Well so is the price. This concentrate can be 15 to 50 dollars more than your wax or even shatter.

Live resin extraction


The fresh bud for this type of concentrate is frozen to sub-critical temperature; this is prior to and throughout the process. It is now flash frozen. This is how the terpenes the fabulous flavor and fragrance are retained throughout the process.

Around 2011-2013 Colorado became the birthplace of a BHO extractor capable of maintaining the incredibly low temperature that is needed to extract very high levels of terpenes. A much higher level  than when the dry herb is used.  This produced a resin with a chemical profile that was much closer to the live marijuana plant. Here is where the live resin gets its name. Two marijuana farmers developed these methods of extracting the much higher levels of terpenes.

It is wise to remember that concentrates are only as potent and tasty as the plant they came from.

Some people use the term champagne for concentrates, for they have fabulous tastes and effects that really do deserve the title. Just remember if using it in an edible be sure to work out your dosage. Start off slow, perhaps slower that traditional extracted concentrates. The flavor and aroma will exude in your little goodie treats that you choose to make. It is possible now that with the legalization of marijuana in Canada, edibles that are infused with live resin will be legally available to purchase. In Canada,we must wait for edibles to hit the store. Then it will be a bakery of a different kind for sure. However, what we can do, is make our goodies at home and wait patiently for 2019.

Now you know what live resin is, you can go and purchase this expensive, but truly worth it marijuana concentrate. Experiencing the clean, crisp turbines that exude from this concentrate are a must.



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