What is kief and what to do with it

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:26 p.m. ET

In Morocco Africa, Kief is described as a mixture of finely ground bud and indigenous tobacco. That is very different than the kind of Kief we are referring to in this particular article. In other parts of the world like the United States and most of western Europe, Kief AKA kif or keef, (all of which quite literally translate to pleasure and intoxication) is derived from the cannabis plant. This stuff has a much higher concentration then the mind-altering cannabinoid THC.

Kief is madefrom the resinous trichome that cannabis produces. The resin glands on the outer leaf of the buds are always the most potent as they are where the resin glands that provide the most trichome are located.

How to make kief

Most regular stoners know that they are already gathering Kief at home but they might not know what to do with Kief. Little by little, crystals and potent trichome hairs will fall away from the bud. This dust that gathers is Kief. Collecting this dust wouldn’t be worth it though, you would be waiting forever to make enough to do much with. For those looking to make more, there are two different methods we will cover here. One requiring a simple hand grinder, the other you can make using dry ice.

Method one: Hand grinder

Kief can be gathered by using a regular hand grinder that has a mesh screen. You can buy one for as little as $14.95 on Amazon.As the kief grinder turns, it purposefully rubs the buds against it collecting the Kief in the bottom. Once you have used it, you can open the bottom and empty the Kief into a separate container for storage. Though this method is quite a bit faster than watching it gather at the bottom of a jar, it still isn't quite enough for those who want a more substantial amount and fast.

Method two: Dry ice

This one is fast but a bit costlier because it requires dry ice and bubble bags. Dry ice can usually only be purchased through specialty stores, and bubble bags can be expensive with prices ranging from $60- $200.
Materials Needed:

  • dry ice (500 grams)
  • bubble bag
  • one bucket
  • 3 ounces of dried bud

Step 1 - Start by putting the three ounces of dried bud into your bubble bag kit. Then add 1 pound of dry ice to the bucket with the dried bud.

Step 2 - Take your biggest bubble bag and place it over the bucket. It must be a snug fit. If it doesn't then use tape to create a seal.

Step 3 - Shake the bucket vigorously for one minute. Then flip it completelyupside down over top of a flat, clean surface. Continue to shake the bucket until Kief stops falling out of it.

Step 4 - Gather Kief and place it in a safe sealed container for later use.

How can kief be used?

Kief is incredibly versatile and can be used in anything from pipes, bongs, and joints, to edibles, oils and more. It can also be compressed to make hash or used as an ingredient in homemade Moon Rocks. There are even recipes to make your Kief vape juice! Eating Kief alone will not give you the psychoactive effects without the extra step of decarboxylation. Just remember, Kief is incredibly fine. If put into a Kief joint it should be accompanied with ground bud for smoother burning, and it is not recommended to smoke Kief through any device without a screen unless you want a mouthful instead of a toke.


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