What is hotboxing?

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:57 p.m. ET

Hotboxing weed is the practice of enclosing yourself into the smallest space available and smoking marijuana to maximize the effects for the user. It can be done in a bathroom, car, bedroom, closet, shower, and just about anywhere else that you can safely contain yourself to smoke pot. Hotboxing can be done alone but is much more often practiced in groups with each struggling to last the longest before needing to exit for air.

How to hotbox your room?
An entire room can often be challenging to hotbox due to its size. When considering how to hotbox your room, you will need to look for a few specific things. Any kind of fresh airflow will need to be cut off. So, a damp towel rolled up at the foot of a door, all windows and doors closed including any open doorway. Hotboxing a bedroom will get best when done with several friends, as one individual smoking likely won’t be enough to get the full effects.

How to hotbox your closet?
Closets are ideal for this! Closets are small and have no windows so are usually the most efficient space to hotbox in. Make sure to have a light handy so that you can see once the area is filled with smoke. If your closet door has any gaps roll up damp towels at the bottom to keep smoking inside. Now burn some tokes until you can’t take anymore.

How to hotbox your car?
Cars can be a great space to hotbox if your intention isn’t to go anywhere, as under the influence laws apply to potas well and your car will smell for a long while after this has been done. Get one friend for each seat, three to four should work perfectly. Cars have a lot of airflows naturally, so the first step should be to completely roll up any windows and get as many joints, or bongs going at once as you have people.

How to hotbox your shower?
The shower is ideal for several reasons, but the main one is the ability to amplify the effect by running hot water, creating steam that will make the air a bit thicker. This method maybe one you want to do by yourself or in a swimsuit if including the water feature. To begin, close the bathroom door and slide the shower curtain shut as much as possible. Turn the shower head or tap onto the hottest setting and let it build steam for a few minutes before you begin. Once ready, spark up and enjoy.


How to hotbox your bathroom?
The bathroom is like the shower except for the shower is usually only done by one or two people. Hotboxing an entire bathroom depending on size can be difficult to do alone. Close all doors and windows and ensure an air seal using rolled up towels under the door and even covering the windows if you feel a draft. Once you are certain the room is as airtight as possible, you can either begin or use the addition of hot water steam to amplify the experience.

How to hotbox a tent?
A tent can be difficult to seal since they are designed to provide a certain amount of airflow to keep your things dry when camping. To begin, you will need a water-resistant tent that is freshly treated. The top of most tents has air vents built in that run underneath a top flap to stop rain from coming in. Unfortunately, it won’t help to keep in smoke, so the screens will need to be blocked off. This is best done using large towels or blankets and draping them over the top center of the tent until all screen is covered. Now close all zippers available, and you should be good to go.

Does hotboxing get you higher? The reason hotboxing gets you higher than other methods of consumption is simple. When you hotbox, you and everyone else inside will continue to breathe in secondhand smoke which will introduce higher levels of THC into your systems. This maximizes the effectiveness of the weed. It will also raise your blood pressure and quicken your breathing making the effects hit you sooner and forcing you to take larger deeper breaths than you would normally. So yes, hotboxing will get you higher than other methods of ingesting cannabis.



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