What is dank weed?

Published Mar 13, 2019 12:40 p.m. ET

The word dank is an adjective used to describe weed. The Swedish used the word to describe anything moist, damp and sticky.

The best of the best is called dank weed. when describing weed in marijuana culture. It is sticky pungent and sparkly. Dank weed is over the top in THC level. We are talking about Alien Dog registering in around 33.7%. The price of this dank weed is reflective in its looks, its smell and its effects. These issues account for the higher price.

Dank Weed Strains

Here for you to consider are some recent and not so recent dank weed strains. Northern Lights and Skunk are from back in the day, I also included some strains that are more recent.

Northern Lights: Probably one of the more famous pure Indica strains. Beautiful, pungent and spicy smelling and covered in sweet buds coated with crystals. The effects are felt throughout the body. You might enjoy a euphoric moment while your muscles begin to relax with this strain. Your pain will be alleviated, and you will enjoy a fabulous sleep. If depression has gotten a hold of you, try this famous strain for relief. Your stress levels will diminish, and you will enjoy a less stressful day. This strain is used by many for pain relief and added to their daily pain management.


Chemdawg: If you're looking to smoke this strain discreetly, sorry it's not happening. This strain has a pungent odor that could be smelt a mile away. There is a strong diesel aroma to this hybrid. For newbies, just a word of caution. This is a powerful dank weed. The strains hits around the 20% THC range. Your experience with this dank strain will be very cerebral, and then the strong heavy body feelings kick in, you are in your happy place, how nice.

Gorilla Glue: Best to use this really dank weed in the evening it produces a sedating powerful high. Your taste buds will enjoy the essence of coffee and mocha delighting your senses. This strain is one to be careful with, levels of THC can be 28%, quite high both for newbies and chronic smokers. You need to be mindful of the punch that this baby delivers. Go slow to enjoy; you do not want the unpleasant effects of being greedy and indulging in too much at a time. Once you feel its effects, you’ll feel uplifted and will forget about the stresses of the day, are ready for a relaxing night. The buds are also pleasing to the eye with their dark olive-green frosty buds. The melting into the couch and the work out on your abs from the giggling are well worth it. Your chronic pain will be eased. If insomnia is a problem for you, please try this strain I’m sure you will be singing the praises of this dank weed strain soon. If its mind clarity you are looking for, then sorry this is not the one for you. I find that there are times when mindlessness is good though.

The effects of these dank weed strains mentioned are just what the doctor ordered, enjoy your dank weed responsibly and keep on smiling.



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