What is cannabis wax?

Published Aug 25, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Many people have found interesting ways to consume marijuana since the spread of legalization. You may be wondering, what is cannabis wax? Cannabis wax is one of the many cannabis concentrates available.  It is a concentrated form of cannabis oil. The texture of the wax is clay-like, it is opaque in colour, and if the wax is of high quality it will feel soft to the touch.

Cannabis wax is more potent than other extracts and has a good flavour in comparison to other extracts. The cannabis wax contains 60-80% of THC, and the amount of THC found in the wax is much greater than the amount found in a single joint of weed. What this means is that the user gets a stronger high than smoking a joint of cannabis.

How to smoke cannabis wax

When smoking cannabis wax, a large amount of the wax is placed on the metal tool that is called the dab wand. The wax is then placed onto a hot plate which is called a nail. This nail is made from quartz, titanium or ceramic material. Combustion of the wax requires a higher temperature. Cannabis wax is a concentrate extracted from cannabis, and the potency of the wax is superb!

How Cannabis wax is formed

Cannabis wax is a form of butane hash oil (BHO). The wax is extracted from cannabis by a process where the cannabis plant material is placed in a glass test tube. Butane is used to fill the test tube so that the plant will heat up and the oil will remain. As a solvent, the butane allows the trichomes to be removed from the plant. After this process, the oil is purified with heat and a sticky substance is formed. This is wax.

There are other extraction methods, including the closed loop extraction which would be a less dangerous method compared to the butane extraction method which is very dangerous because it is highly flammable.

THC and CBD wax


There are different types of wax, two of which are THC and CBD.

THC wax is a wax that has a high concentration of THC. THC is a cannabinoid found in marijuana that has psychoactive properties and causes users to get high. Users of this wax will get high almost instantly.

CBD wax is an extract form of CBD products, and unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive.  CBD wax usually looks like opaque oil however the oil is in a solid state because of a crystallization process. With CBD wax, terpenes are not added, but they emerge naturally unlike other concentrates. There is 0% THC in CBD wax, at least those made from the hemp plant.

CBD wax can be used topically, it is edible and can also be used for vaping.

With marijuana legalization, cannabis wax can be purchased at a marijuana dispensary, which will ensure that you are getting quality for your money. Cannabis wax can be expensive, but after you’ve used it, you will find it is definitely worth it.

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