What is a steamroller pipe and how to use one

Published Mar 16, 2019 09:05 a.m. ET

One of the oldest and most common ways to smoke weed is by using a pipe. Cannabis pipes have been around for ages and can be made from a variety of different materials including glass, metal, bamboo, wood, and stone. Pipes are usually separated by carb or non-carb, and water required or dry categories and for the most part, all function on the same principals when they are used. A marijuana steamroller is a uniquely designed and are just one type of pipe design.

What is a steamroller pipe?

A steamroller pipe is usually made of glass and is a carb equipped dry pipe. The reason it is different is mostly in where the carb is placed. In a traditional pipe, the carb will be located on the side of the bowl and controls the flow of air into the chamber. A marijuana steamroller’s carb is at the very end of the pipe which allows for a consistent resistant free flow of air.

How to hit a steamroller

The mechanic behind using a glass steamroller pipe is similar to that of any other pipe. The most significant difference will be that the hit will go directly into your lungs making it more difficult to inhale as much as you might normally from a different design. Pack the bowl as usual and hold the steamroller with one finger covering the open end closest to the bowl. If this is your first time using a glass steamroller pipe then cornering the bowl is recommended as it will burn less herb and give you a chance to adjust to the differences more comfortably. Place a flame toward the edge of the bowl and inhale slowly, removing your finger from the carb before you are done to empty the chamber.  

The pros and cons of using a marijuana steamroller

A glass steamroller pipe comes with both benefits and drawbacks depending on individual preference.


1. Conserves weed - Since the smoke produced by a marijuana steamroller is so direct, you won’t need to smoke nearly as much to get high.


2. No water required – Use on the go with absolutely no need to carry or find water as it functions completely dry.

3. Easy to clean – Since a steamroller pipe is essentially a tube that has two complete openings with a bit of effort and a few Q-tips a full cleaning can be done within minutes. The glass material also allows you the ability to use any cleaner of your choosing since it won’t absorb or be damaged by any regular pipe cleaner.

4. Preserves flavor – Glass is one of the best materials for preserving the full flavor of the terpenes present in a strain of cannabis. As long as it’s keptin a clean condition, you will get a good clean haul every time with no metallic aftertaste.

5. Massive hits – A marijuana steamroller is designed specifically for its ability to produce large clouds of smoke that are delivered in the most direct and intense way possible. This makes it easy to take tokes that are 2-3 times larger than most regular pipes.


1. Harsh hit - Since you achieve a more direct hit when using a marijuana steamroller, you will also experience a much harsherhit. There is nothing cooling the smoke down as it travels through the chamber and the large amount you can inhale off of just one toke can be a bit overwhelming for first-timeusers.

2. Breakable - A glass steamroller pipe is preferred over any other material however it does come with the downside of being breakable. While it is designed to be used on the go, it needs to be stored carefully during any type of transit, or it could break, and it doesn’t take much more than a small drop to shatter one completely.

3. Expensive - A steamroller seems like a pretty basic design, but its lack of popularity until recently can make them difficult to come by and a bit more expensive than your average pipe when you do see one. The frequency in which they break also adds to the overall expected cost of choosing a marijuana steamroller as your everyday smoking device.



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