What is a one hitter quitter pipe?

Published Jan 29, 2019 03:04 p.m. ET

That was a one hitter quitter, it really knocked me out”.

 What is a one-hitter pipe you may ask? It is a small pipe with a narrow bowl. Cannabis is to be inhaled one time from the hit. It’s a single hit pipe. You will burn out the ashes in the bowl in one inhaling breath. Another name for the one-hitter is a “bat”.

These pipes are usually made from metal or glass, there are also wooden ones, though wooden are harder to clean and some believe they add a wooden flavour to their hits.

Here are some names of pipes known as one-hitters. They have been around for thousands of years.

Kiseru - is a Japanese pipe

Midwakh - this is a Middle Eastern pipe

Sebsi - a Moroccan pipe

Chillum - is a pipe from India

Today purchasing your one hitter quitter pipe can be long and you might experience a long browsing period, looking at many different styles of pipes.  The classic cigarette style “bat”, as some people call the pipe, has its grinder at the tip. This pipe is all about convenience and being discreet.

The one-hitter dugout is a great pipe which also comes with a space to hold your weed — great convenience with this set, everything in one spot. Your bat has its place and a small area to store your herb for convenience.


Available for purchase now are disposable bats.

How to smoke a one hitter

Let’s look at how to use a one-hitter pipe.

Fill the bowl with your best herb, do not grind it too fine, pack it tightly, but with common sense, too tight and you won't be able to get it lit. Light that baby up. You need to inhale slowly but steadily. Doing this will avoid inhaling the ashes and getting a terrible burnt taste in your mouth. Did you enjoy that?

If you are using a claw one-hitter I’m going to suggest a packing method. Turn the hitter, so the bowl is in a facing down position. Dip the pipe in your container full of cannabis and twist the pipe. Try repeating this a couple of times to ensure the pipe is full. Again, as with the previous style of pipe, try not to over pack.

We have our pipe ready now we must light it the correct way. Try lighting the entire pipe, just for a second or two; this should prevent the pipe from getting hot too fast. Light the bowl, and inhale. The actual flame of the lighter should be kept away from the pipe now. Try not to inhale those ashes.

Remember to keep your pipe clean. This will preserve the beautiful taste and aroma of your bud.

There are benefits in using the one hitter that might be just what you are looking for. This is a very discreet way of indulging in marijuana. Here’s another bonus, you will use less herb, saving you money for your munchies. As always, enjoy responsibly!



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