What does “Endo” mean in?

Published May 6, 2019 11:27 a.m. ET
Photo Credit Sean Kilpatrick

This cannabis slang term is unique due to its multiple uses across several different industries, and it’s most often used by specialists who are either dentists or doctors in the medical field. Endo normally means internal or something that is within, which is why it’s so prevalently used to refer to areas of specialty that focus on the functionality of the human body. In this case, Endo is still implying importance to something within; it’s what that is so often questioned by those who hear it. Here we will touch on what Endo when used as a kind of weed slang, means as well as some of the differences often expected of a marijuana product when it’s used.

The definition of “Endo” weed

When Endo is used in reference to weed, the person will generally say something along the lines of “Her check out these Endo weed strains” or “This Endo kush is perfect for beginners who are just learning how to grow marijuana.” Either way, it is meant as just another way to say high-quality cannabis in some form. These precise qualifications that one person might expect from Endo weed might differ from the next, so below you will find a list of some of the most common reasons for this term to be used.

Difference between Endo marijuana and average product


Endo is often used to describe the potency of weed strains or products and tends to mean that the effects are intense and above average.

Growing marijuana

Though this is one of the rarest uses of the term, some weed strains are referred to as Endo specifically for their features displayed while growing. This might mean that the marijuana plant will grow massive, be potent, be visually appealing, or have some other special trait that labels it as unique like a short growing season.


Bud size

Sometimes Endo is used to refer to the bud size on either a growing marijuana plant or in dry and cured ready to consume form. Generally, colas that are larger than average will be called Endo weed strains.

Curing method used

This is the very first recorded use of the term, and the most widely known and used. When a marijuana plant is cured, it can be done in several different ways including hanging or layering. Plants that are hung upside down will naturally produce a flow of resins towards the tips of the largest colas resulting in what is often called Endo weed.


The average cost of a gram of black market marijuana is around $6 in Canada, and anything higher than that might be called Endo weed, as the price is often linked to quality. The same is true when describing weed strains that are either expensive to buy, difficult to obtain or have rare landrace genetics. This isn’t always a direct implication on the quality of the weed and is most often related to some other appealing quality of a particular marijuana strain.



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