What cannabis oils will show up on a drug test

Published Jul 5, 2019 09:09 a.m. ET
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Marijuana is legalized for medical and recreational use. Due to the legalization, more people are consuming marijuana. Employers are concerned about the effects this may have on their employees work ethics. Employers can still decide whether they employ someone who uses marijuana or whether to dismiss an employee that tested positive on a drug test.

A drug test detects THC, an active cannabinoid in marijuana. CBD has many medical benefits. CBD oil is a popular CBD product that is widely used for pain and anxiety relief. There are many reports of athletes and employees who have failed a drug test even though they did not consume THC.

Usually, CBD does not show up on a drug test. It is stated by Barry Sample, Quest Diagnostics Director of Science and Technology that if the product is CBD, only, it will not give a positive result although many CBD products contain traces of THC, the main active ingredient. If the THC is in the product, then it may show up on a drug test. Therefore, in some instances, the use of CBD might cause your drug test to be positive. THC is not legal. However, many CBD products are not regulated by the FDA. The product may be legal in your state, but you may not be aware of the contents of the product.

CBD can be derived from marijuana or hemp. It can be consumed by capsules or eating edibles. The consumption of CBD through vaporizers pen is more effective. However, some people prefer to apply it to their skin with CBD cream or cannabis lotion. Absorption through the skin does not produce any psychoactive effect.

Most hemp oil and CBD products usually contain very low levels of THC, so if you consume these products, you will pass a drug test easily if a consumer uses a product that has an extremely high level of CBD oil or hemp oil (over 2000 mg per day).


You can also do a follow up test to ensure that the result is conclusive. False positive can cause a person to lose a lucrative job opportunity. Persons in sensitive jobs such as pilots and truck drivers are subjected to take drug tests for safety reasons. They are likely to lose their job if they fail the drug test.

Additionally, cross- contamination can cause CBD products to contain THC. If CBD products such as cannabis oil are manufactured closely to THC products, then it may have traces of THC. The cross-contamination can take place in stores and at home as well.  Also, CBD products are available for purchase at convenience stores and retail shops. The CBD product should not contain more than 0.3 percent of THC. It is your responsibility to ensure the product contains low levels of THC.

To be on the safe side, refrain from taking CBD products when you have an upcoming drug test. It is not common for CBD oil to cause a person to fail a drug test. However, it may be a possibility that it can cause you to fail a drug test.

What you should know about cannabis drug testing


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