What are Juuls and how to use one

Published Mar 17, 2019 11:26 a.m. ET

What is a Juul exactly? A Juul vape is touted as a smoking and vaping alternative. It functions and acts similarly to a vaporizer or an e-cigarette, but the experience of using one is far more straightforward and offers a more enhanced and stress-free experience for the user. A Juul vape is designed with no buttons, no switches, and no settings and works only in combination with Juul pods. They are rechargeable battery-operated devices that offer a mess-free alternative to help smokers kick the habit. Almost all Juul products that are currently available contain nicotine salts instead of free base nicotine which provides a more enjoyable flavor using a product made using only the most natural ingredients.  

How to use a Juul vape

A Juul vape pen is one of the most natural vaporizers you will ever use. Simply charge the device using the Juul charger for one full hour, load the Juul pod and inhale. All of the work beyond that is done for you.

How to use a Juul vape to smoke weed

While technically it isn’t a great idea to try to smoke dry herb through a Juul vape, you can use almost any kind of THC extract or concentrate to fill the Juul pods once they are empty. There are a few select aftermarket companies that currently sell knock of THC filled Juul pods, but they aren’t recommended for use, and may even void your warranty, so be careful. To use a Juul pod to smoke concentrates you will need a few things first.  


  • THC isolate or concentrate
  • 1 5-millimeter glass syringe
  • 1 empty Juul pod
  • 1 lighter


  1. To begin the process of filling empty Juul pods, you will first need to remove the pod from the Juul vape. This is as easy as sliding it out with a little tug by hand.
  2. Now fill the syringe with the extract that you have chosen.
  3. You will need to turn the concentrate into a liquid. To do this, you can spark a lighter and hold it several inches under the filled syringe while slowly rolling it in between your fingers. This will heat the concentrate just enough that it will be easier to use during the filling and give it a better chance to be absorbed by the wick.
  4. Locate the filler hole which is at the top center of the Juul pod.
  5. Insert the syringe and far into the chamber as possible.
  6. Press the plunger on the syringe to release the concentrate and fill the pod.
  7. Once the Juul pod is full, it is immediately ready to use.

Tips- The most significant difference between the juice found in the Juul pod normally is the consistency. It may take two times of inhaling before the Juul heats the concentrate enough for a hit. After the second draw, you should feel a large cloud of THC vapor enter your lungs.

Juul starter kit

Cost: $64.99

Now that you know a Juul can be used for more than just vaping e-juices you are probably interested in what comes with a starter kit purchase. The official Juul starter kit contains one USB charging station, one rechargeable Juul vape with four colors to choose from including black, tan, orange, and teal. The kit also comes with four Juul pods including mint, mango, tobacco, and vanilla flavors, and every pack is backed by a full one-year warranty that covers all of the Juul vape components. A full starter kit can be purchased by visiting



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