Weed storage rules to live by

Published Nov 23, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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We put so much effort and energy into growing and buying the best cannabis products that it just makes sense to protect this investment, though far too many consumers still fall back on mediocre solutions that barely work to contain them, never mind shielding them from the various damaging forces in life. Without proper storage habits, your stash will quickly lose things like moisture, value, and potency, all qualities consumers hold dear, so if you want to avoid this possibility, then we highly recommend you follow these five essential storage rules

1. Invest in good quality containers

If you’re one of the millions of consumers still reliant on plastic pill bottles or bags to do the storing, then this is the first place you’ll want to start making upgrades because the container that houses your cannabis products does a large portion of the work when it comes to keeping excess liquids out and moisture in. Plastic bags might appear to seal when they’ve been pierced with holes that can let the freshness out, and pill bottles are literally designed to allow for excessive amounts of airflow to keep things dry, which is why neither is suitable for this task.

What you should have are air-tight containers that bock out all potentially damaging elements such as UV rays and water, but that’s not all. You’ll also need to make sure that it’s the appropriate size for the products you intend to store. With flower, in particular, too much room to move and shake about increases the risk of damage, and if it’s too small, then you might be tempted to crush things down, which also isn’t doing your stash any favours.

2. Always add humidity packs to dry product

Cannabis is generally dried and cured to perfection just before it’s packed and shipped to dispensaries, where it sits in nearly pristine condition until an eager customer comes along and cracks the seals. From this point forward, each time the container is opened, it will be exposed to the air, which will slowly remove moisture bit by bit until it dries out the buds. If you want to avoid an expensive powdery mess of nug dust, then you’ll want to keep a humidity pack in each and every container that holds dry cannabis.

3. Temperature control

Once you’ve got high-quality containers that fit your products, and a simple yet reliable humidity pack to control the humidity, the next thing you’ll want to consider is the overall temperature of your weed storage space. Technically, if you want the best, it’s good to aim for a couple of degrees below room temperature, something that’s easier to accomplish in a dark closet or cupboard. Avoid keeping your stash in the kitchen or bathroom whenever possible because the environment in those rooms is far too unpredictable, and you don’t want to risk it!

4. Never store cannabis in the fridge or freezer

It might seem like a good idea to store your cannabis products in the fridge or freezer. After all, that’s probably where you keep just about every type of food you want to keep fresh for extended periods of time, but cold temperatures don’t do all that well with the majority of cannabis products with the exception of edibles. Trichomes on flower will freeze and then break away, resting in a pile at the bottom of the bag and significantly reducing its quality, and concentrates will almost always expand and need a defrosting cycle before the products will warm up and be usable again.

5. Out of sight - out of mind

Now that your stash is protected from the air, excessive moisture, heat, and the damage these conditions can cause, it’s time to put up one final ring of protection. You could do everything right, but if the wrong person or pet were to find its way into your cannabis products, it could all be destroyed or consumed in just a few minutes, a costly loss that you probably don’t want to experience. To avoid it, make sure to keep your weed stashed somewhere it’s hidden, preferably camouflaged with the background, so that the wrong creatures aren’t able to find it!

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