Vape Pens - How to transfer oil from one cartridge to another

Published Feb 26, 2019 00:48 a.m. ET

When using cannabis oil in vape pens a lot of people don’t realize how much of the oil is left behind even once a vape cartridge has stopped working. For every five to six cartridges you go through, you will be throwing away anywhere from .5 grams to one full gram of perfectly good oil. This technique can be useful if you have a broken vape pen and need to switch cartridge types, if your vape cartridge stopped working, or if you just want to consolidate what you have lying around.

How To Remove Hash Oil From A Cartridge

As you are learning how to transfer hash oil from one cartridge to another, one of the first things you should do is head to Amazon. To remove the oil from the tank, you will need a syringe that will fit through the small hole that is hidden under the mouthpiece along with something blunt and flat like a butter knife. The needle and syringe will likely be marketed for refilling ink cartridges.

Where To Purchase Syringe:



  1. Begin by opening the syringe you purchased to get it ready. Leave the cap on and set it aside for now.
  2. The second step is to remove the mouthpiece from the top of the tank.
  3. Now you will need that flat blunt tool. You will see a small metal flange at the top of the tank. That is what seals it. Press the object on the opposite side of your thumb on the metal flange and give it and wiggle before pulling. It may be difficult at first as the oil can make it feel stuck. If you can’t remove it the first time, then try heating it by holding it in your hands for a few minutes before trying again.
  4. Once you have it open, it is time to grab your syringe. Pull off the cap and insert the needle until it reaches the bottom of the cartridge. Now pull back on the needle center slowly. The oil will gradually be drawn from the cartridge into the syringe.
  5. Repeat until all cartridges you want emptied have nothing left inside them.
  6. Now take out the cartridge you want to transfer the oil into and remove the mouthpiece.
  7. Again you will need to remove the metal flange with a gentle pulling and wiggling motion.
  8. Once it is open, you can insert the needle into the cartridge.
  9. Slowly empty the syringe into the canister. Do not overfill. If you end up with more than your cartridge can handle than you can leave it stored in the syringe until you need it.

If you have a broken vape pen and are upgrading to a different model, then expect the flange inside to be slightly different in appearance. They will all still function the same way and can be removed in the same manner. A three-milliliter syringe should fit into any vape pen cartridge. Any smaller and the flow is restricted so try not to go any lower than 3 ml. One of the biggest things to remember is to be gentle. Most tanks and cartridges are meant to be disposed of. If for any reason you think something may have been damaged when you filled the tank than it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.



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