Using food to learn more about cannabis

Published Apr 3, 2023 01:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis is a plant that’s been used for thousands of years for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Recently there’s been a significant increase in interest in healthier ways to enjoy the many benefits of cannabinoids and infused food is a very popular way to consume it, but that’s not all it is. If you’re willing to take the time and energy required to learn how to cook with cannabis, the process can help you to deepen your relationship with and understanding of the plant in many different ways.

Cannabis-infused food aka edibles come in a variety of different forms and flavors, such as baked treats, candies, gummies, and even savory main dishes or condiments, most of which are created by infusing cannabis components into a carrier like butter, oil, or alcohol. With infused ingredients, it’s easy to make almost any recipe into a cannabis-infused delight, be it desserts, simple snacks, or savory entrees.

One of the main benefits of using food to learn more about cannabis is that the process allows you to maintain control over dosing, unlike smoking, dabbing, or vaping, to create a personalized, consistent, and 100% predictable experience. Using this method, the effects are also ingested at a much slower rate, with effects that are more intense and longer lasting, allowing you to have more control over the entire experience from beginning to end.

Learning more about cannabis strains

Another great benefit of using food as a tool to learn more about this wonderful plant is that it allows you to explore and experiment with some of the many different strains and effects offered by each type of cannabis. Much like how there’s an incredible range of varieties of tea, coffee, or wine, there are thousands of different cultivars out there, and each one offers a unique set of effects. For instance, Sativa strains are generally associated with uplighting and more energizing effects, while Indica cultivars typically provide a more relaxed or sedated experience, while hybrids offer more of a balance of the two worlds.

By making a variety of different dishes with different cannabis strains, consumers will have the pleasure of learning more about how each cultivar affects both the body and mind. They can also experiment with dosing to find the ideal amount of each cannabis element to deliver desirable effects. Cooking with cannabis is also a great way to learn more about some of the many different terpenes that can be produced by the plant.

Terpene profiles


Cannabis terpenes are the aromatic compounds that make up the distinct smells and tastes found in different strains. Cooking with cannabis allows consumers to familiarize themselves with terpene profiles as they discover how each one contributes to the flavor and effects of a dish. By paying close attention to their results, consumers who cook with cannabis can develop a deeper understanding of cannabis strains, and their effects, and establish a better relationship with the complex and intriguing world of edibles.

A comfortable way to socialize

Food is also a great way to achieve a more enjoyable way to socialize while using cannabis, and many discover that sharing this experience with both friends and loved ones is an excellent way to have fun and bond. Whether it’s at a fancy cannabis party complete with infused drinks, appetizers, and entrees, or a more intimate night in with friends, some infused popcorn, and a big bowl of candy, food helps to deliver a more relaxed and comfortable setting you’ll never forget.


Cooking is a great way to learn more about cannabis, but there are a few important things you should keep in mind along the way. First, if you’re going to cook with cannabis you will probably have to decarboxylate the herb or concentrate before adding it to a recipe, which activates the THC and makes it more bioavailable. Second, it’s critical to add reasonable doses to your edibles, and this method often results in potent longer lasting effects which aren’t good if you happen to go overboard.

Things you should do when serving cannabisinfused food


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