Using an espresso machine to make cannabis extracts

Published Oct 1, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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If you’re an old school stoner who witnessed the magic of a coffee pot and how it can turn cannabis into powerful concentrates firsthand, then we don’t have to tell you about the creative lengths enthusiasts have gone to in hopes of creating something just a bit stronger and more versatile than flower. Now we’ve got access to several innovative solutions that take the hard work and danger out of the equation, but most are quite expensive, and so the search for the next best affordable option continues, and one team of scientists thinks they’ve found it.

Has this really been tried and tested?

In an experiment where a team came to conclusions that are set to be published in The International Journey of Pure and Applied Chemistry, researchers did exactly that. They tested whether or not an espresso machine could really be an effective tool to create cannabis extracts, and they had so much success that it’s making headlines.

How does it work?

The flower is added to the filter portion of the espresso machine, and with the application of a large amount of heat and in some cases with the help of a small amount of liquid, it works like a dream to create pot products in less than 1 minute. According to the researchers, using and abusing an espresso machine this way won’t harm it either, because the one that was used in this experiment is still going strong in the office (after a deep clean), nearly 2 whole years later.

What is it good for?

Espresso machines can extract cannabinoids and inject them into high-fat butter or oil, but the hard cap versions will also extract pure resin from a bud, and even that happens in less than a minute.

Will any espresso machine work to make cannabis extracts?

It’s unclear which models and types exactly will work as well as the one mentioned in the study, but the researchers claimed that the one they used was pretty run-of-the-mill, worth only $300. After a quick search, there are similar models that can be purchased online for $150, so it isn’t the price point that matters when it comes to extracting THC. It’s the kind. Espresso machines must be hard-capped to be great cannabinoid extractors.

How to make cannabis extracts with an espresso machine

If you’re just learning how to make extracts and you’ve got prior experience with an espresso machine, then this is an excellent place to begin your journey into cannabis extracts. The steps you take and the things you add will depend on what you want to make.

  1. Fill the bowl of an espresso machine with cannabis flower.

  2. If you’re looking to make rosin, then you’re not going to want to add anything to the liquid compartment, but if you’re making cannabutter, then you’ll want to fill it with butter. For cannaoil, it should be filled with high-fat oil, and so on.

  3. Once your ingredients are placed, simply turn on the machine and let it run
    just as it normally would.

  4. Wait for less than a minute to see your glorious homemade cannabis extract.

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