3 Incredible homemade DIY bongs

Published Mar 22, 2019 12:34 p.m. ET

Looking for something to kill the boredom this winter? Bongs come in all shapes, and sizes and these homemade bongs are even more unique than anything you will ever come across is a head shop. Check out these three neat homemade bongs that are easy enough for beginners and fun enough to keep even the most seasoned users excited.

1. Apple bong

Use your favorite kind of apple to make a delicious homemade apple bong that will infuse your cannabis with a sweet flavor you already know and love.

You will need:

  • 1 apple
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 piece of foil (or bowl piece)
  • 1 toothpick


  1. Take a pencil and pierce the side of an apple in the middle and feed it towards the center on a slight upwards angle. Do not poke a hole all the way through; instead, aim for the middle of the apple and tilt it towards the stem at the top.
  2. Once you think the chamber is deepenough, pull out the pencil to visually inspect it.
  3. When you are satisfied with the first hole made you can move on to the second chamber. Pierce the apple as close to the stem as possible and force it into the center of the apple core until it meets with the first hole you made. The only way to be sure is to blow through it and see if the air escapes. If it doesn’t then the tunnels are not lined up enough, or there is something blockingthem.
  4. Clear out the chambers as well as you can using air and the pencil until you achieve a decent air flow through the holes that you made.
  5. Use a knife to carve out the bowl in the top of the apple.
  6. Make a bowl using foil or a bowl step. Tinfoil will need to be pierced several times to allow the smoke into the chamber. Thiscan be done using a toothpick.

How to use an apple bong

  1. Fill the top bowl full of marijuana grind.
  2. Light the bud using a lighter.
  3. Inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece located on the side of the apple.

2. Winter bong

Looking for something fun to do when the snow builds up, and you are having a hard time dragging yourself out of the house? Try a winter bong! To make one all you need is tools to fashion tunnels and a whole bunch of snow. To make a simple winter bong follow the steps below.


You will need:

  • snow
  • aluminum foil
  • long thin tools (like screwdrivers)
  • 1 toothpick


  1. Build a fair-sized tube-shaped structure using snow.
  2. Pack it together well using pressure from your hands.
  3. Make one snowball that looks to be a reasonable (or unreasonable) bowl size and roll it up.
  4. Now carve a bowl into the snowball with one hole that comes out of the bottom center of it.
  5. Use one tool to tunnel out a central chamber which should run from the very top to the base of the tube snow tower.
  6. Use a narrower tool to drill a hole into the side of the tunnel just far enough to pierce the first chamber you made.
  7. Now place the snowball so that the hole on it aligns with the one you made in the side of the winter bong.
  8. Measure a piece of foil and fashion a bowl by piercing several holes in it with a toothpick.

How to use a winter bong

  1. Grind some cannabis and fill the bowl with it.
  2. Use a lighter to spark the bud grind.
  3. Inhale from the hole located on the top of the winter bowl.

3. Banana bong

Banana bongs pair well with any citrus based marijuana strains but can add some yummy flavor to any old weed. The most important aspect with this one is to use a not quite ripe banana. If it’s too mushy, you will be left with a giant mess and no buzz.

You will need:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 straw
  • 1 knife


  1. Use a knife to remove the handle portion of the banana.
  2. Push a straw through the exposed banana where the stem was removed and run it directly down the middle of the banana until you reach approximately ¾ of the way through.
  3. Use the straw to make another tunnel from the side of the banana. This second hole will be your bowl so choose it’s placement wisely.
  4. Blow through the chambers to remove any excess fruit that may be blocking them.
  5. Carve out a bowl just large enough to hold some cannabis above the hole you drilled into the side of the banana.
  6. Line the bowl using a piece of aluminum foil.
  7. Poke 5-6 holes in the bowl to ensure the smoke can get inside.

How to use a banana bong

  1. Full the bowl with dry herb.
  2. Use a lighter or heating element to spark the bowl.
  3. Inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece located on the end of the banana bong.


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