Top 5 must-have cannabis products for seasoned consumers

Published Aug 9, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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After you’ve gotten used to the simpler pleasures that cannabis has to offer, you might find that you crave something that goes beyond a meager 18% THC average. It’s incredibly normal to build up a tolerance over a longer period of time, especially if you’re a regular everyday toker, as your body and mind adjust to the euphoria that lower doses of cannabis products can provide, and once it happens, that is the perfect time to delve into the big guns of the pot product world.

1. THC oil

THC oil is one of the hottest cannabis products on the market right now next to the long-awaited edibles, as it’s one of the few cannabis concentrates that allows you to pick your dose. The THC content in the oral option can range anywhere from 5mg of THC per dropper all the way up to 100mg, which offers a significant level of control over your buzz. The other bonus from choosing this one is that the high will last longer, up to 12 whole hours, and there is little else that a well-seasoned cannabis user could ever need to get higher.

2. Shatter

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that falls under the category of dabs, as its thick, malleable texture and the consistency makes it really easy to work with in combination with a dab rig. It’s also one of the most potent cannabis products on the market today because it consists of many terpenes and up to 99% THC. This means that it’s up to 6 times stronger than your average strains of cannabis flower, so it’s bound to pack a powerful hit no matter what your experience level may be. Just a few dabs or hits, and you’ll be well on your way to an intense high that will satisfy any craving for strength.

3. Rosin

If you love all of the things that make up a sweet and skunky joint, then this might be the best cannabis concentrate for you, as rosin contains all of the best elements that can be produced by the plant, just in a more concentrated form. Though rosin isn’t quite as potent as shatter, it is the true embodiment of everything that is good including all of the smells and tastes that you love, and with a range of between 60% and 80% THC, it’s still an average of 3 times stronger than regular cannabis flower, which means that it’s bound to take even the most experienced user on one heck of a trip.


4. Hash

Hash is a preferred breed of cannabis products for seasoned consumers because there are just so many different types out there to try. There is a pressed hash, Moroccan hash, black hash, and several other types that fall somewhere in the middle. The processes to make each one are very different, yet the average THC content of each one remains relatively consistent between 65% and 75% THC, which makes it a good treat that won’t leave you too high to function, no matter how long you’ve been smoking for.

5. THC diamonds

THC diamonds are the cream of the cannabis product crop, as they offer the best and most potent option on the market today. They are versatile as they come pre-activated, which means that you can consume them raw and they’ll get you high, and they can be mixed with other cannabis concentrates to increase the strength of a batch when what you've got on hand simply isn’t doing the trick any longer.

Though some might argue that there are better, more unique, or exotic cannabis products out there, if you’re a cannabis consumer who is seeking a more intoxicating experience, then this is a really good place to start for inspiration.

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