Tobacco alternatives to pair with marijuana that are 100% organic

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:59 p.m. ET

 Traditionally tobacco is used as an aid to help dried marijuana herb burn evenly and to maximize the effects of the overall experience. Unfortunately, tobacco smoke comes with an array of adverse side effects and the smell alone can be enough to deter some people from even trying it. Luckily there are tobacco alternatives that can be used instead. Many of which don’t smell nearly as terrible and have their own added effects. By now you are probably wondering. What can you use instead of tobacco in a joint? Here are the ten best tobacco alternatives to use when rolling a joint, spliff, or packing a bowl.

Tobacco alternatives

1.   Smoking sage

We know what you must be thinking. Can you smoke Sage? That stuff found in almost everyone's kitchen spice cabinet? The answer is yes! Smoking, eating, and drinking sage had been done for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. The sage leaf is known for its health benefits when added to soups or stews, but most aren’t aware that it can be usedas a tobacco alternative. Green sage will give a nice flavor, but white sage will produce its psychoactive effects.

2.   Smoking lavender

Lavender is infamous for its therapeutic benefits and effects. The oils from lavender are used for their ability to relax and calm and are quite useful for migraine and anxiety sufferers. What many don’t know is that the smell made from a lavender plant is producedby the same terpene found in marijuana called linalool.

3.   Smoking real leaf blend

Real leaf is essentially an organic blend of herb leaves including raspberry leaves, mulleins, and marshmallow leaves which can provide a soothing feeling in the user’s lungs as it calms any inflamed or infected areas of the lung. Some refer to smoking Real Leaf Brand as a sweet, earthy taste and smell that pairs well with any dried marijuana bud.  

4.   Rubus Idaeus

The Rubus Idaeus is a fruit-bearing plant that produces bright red berries that resemble mulberries. The leaves of this plant produce anti-nausea effects making it highly recommended for pregnant mothers to ingest by making a tea. The leaves of the Rubus Idaeus are non-toxic and incredibly sweet. Adding these delicious sweet additions when smoking a spliff, joint, or bowl will taste just like strawberries and smell like them too.

5.   Mint

Mint is probably the easiest to find of any other tobacco alternatives. It is frequently grown in herb gardens all over the world and produces large harvests of leaf very quickly and continuously throughout the entire growing season. Mint leaves will add a mint or menthol type taste to your weed and will smell just like mint chocolate. You don’t need much; the mint taste can be overpowering if you go above 30% mint leaf content in your blend.


6.   Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus leaves are recognized for their effective antiseptic and antibacterial properties and their aromatic benefits to those suffering from congestion or colds but aren't very widely known as an alternative for tobacco. One of the most beneficial chemical components of a eucalyptus plant is eucalyptol as it is responsible for the cool throat feeling and breaking up mucus. When smoked it will produce a spicy taste so start with the smallest amount to gauge how much you might like.  

7.   Calendula

Flowers from the calendula plant are currently used in the making of medications that are prescribed for a sore throat, muscle spasms, menstrual pains, and sore stomach. It is also an ingredient in medicines given to cancer patients and those with duodenal ulcers. The calendula has incredible medicinal properties for pain and has almost no taste. Despite the benefits, Calendula flowers are rarely used as tobacco alternatives because they are difficult to obtain, and the majority of people are not aware that they are a completely safe and organic alternative to using tobacco.

8.   Marijuana leaf

While you likely already know that marijuana leaves are often smoked as tobacco alternatives the majority of people don’t recognize the benefits of adding more cannabis products to a blend. The cannabis leaf is dense, sticky, and large. When mixed into a cannabis blend for smoking a spliff, joint, or bowl it can dramatically slow and control the rate of burning. If you use leaf derived from the same plant as the dried bud you are smoking than the taste will not be adversely affected and might be amplified with the addition.

9.   Damiana

The damiana is an herb from South Africa and is known for its aphrodisiac and euphoric effects when ingested. Most often used as a treatment for constipation, depression, anxiety, migraines, and headaches. The Damiana leaf has almost no taste the damiana is one of the best tobacco alternatives out there for anyone who wants to taste the strain they are smoking without any influence.  

10. Kratom

The kratom leaf is used as a substitute for opioids for those who have withdrawal or addiction issues. It is a powerful sedative and pain reliever. Kratom plants are closely related to the coffee plant and act similarly to caffeine as a stimulant in low doses. This plant is known to render some prescribed medications ineffective so before deciding to try any, make sure that you do your research and if possible, speak with a doctor.

While every single one of these Tobacco Alternatives will act similar to tobacco in maintaining burning, the majority do and will produce their effects or high. Be sure to research every herb before smoking it as many also have the potential to interfere with certain prescribed medications, and you do not want to go into a new experience not knowing precisely what to expect. If done safely using tobacco alternatives can be an exciting and customizable experience. Especially once you learn your preferences through experimenting.



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